They also possess long pointy ears, acute senses and keen sight in the darkness.

[2] This is later debunked with the non-canonization of the RPG.

She likes to travel the world, helping those in need while she makes new friends. silencing of the dissidents in the Silvermoon City Bazaar,,,,,, Blood elves' military commander on Azeroth and leader of the. He took a group of the strongest blood elf warriors and spell casters and joined the Alliance against the Scourge.

She specializes in protection magic and is responsible for teaching them more than a few spells that could one day be of utmost importance to know. Certain buildings share remarkable resemblance to French-European Christian Era architectures.

The most powerful blood elf spellcasters are insane, as the magic they wield is corrupting. [11] Within the Warcraft RPG, it is stated that blood elves slaked their thirst through the absorption of fel energies. Are you looking for a character’s first and last name, or a rogue nickname? Reply With Quote. His goal to cure the elves of their addiction for good, through controlled methods, combined with the Sin'dorei allowing their cousins access to the Sunwell, could see the already small gap between the two sides of the Silvermoon coin become even smaller. These blood elves seek to reclaim their lost homeland and destroy the Scourge at any cost. This site is not affiliated with the game publishers.

A CGI representation of a female blood elf. BLOOD ELF NAMES: If you are looking for some blood elf names and are struggling to find one, we can help you. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter. Thirsting for vengeance, Kael'thas gathered the survivors and renamed them "blood elves" in honor of their fallen kin.
This blood elven sect is considered valiant, honorable and noble on the official site. may i suggest you check out wowwiki or any similar site, it's Grom that orders the murder of Cairne. The blood elves then followed Illidan to the Icecrown Glacier in an attempt to destroy the Lich King; however, they were defeated by Arthas, who wounded Illidan, forcing the blood elves and naga to retreat, allowing Arthas to ascend the glacier and merge with the Lich King.

Indeed, the existence of the blood elves demonstrates the depth of the corruption possible for this once mighty race, and the high elves see them as a dire warning. [1] These represent signs of evolution from their high elven cousins, and it is believed that, with time, they may become as physically distant to high elves as satyrs are to night elves.[1]. You are going to be pleasantly surprised by how elegant these elf names are. Only time will tell whether continued cooperation with and exposure to the other Horde races and their philosophies will begin to change the blood elves' view of the world and their place in it.

Such was the depths of Sunstrider’s betrayal that the Blood Knights, under the leadership of their matriarch Lady Liadrin, renounced his leadership and pledged their support to A'dal and the Sha'tar. You can also blend the first and last names together to create your own unique name or can use our suggestions as they are mentioned below. The Sunwell Trilogy also depicted them with this appearance.

Blood elves get along well with the naga — with whom they share Highborne ancestry — and other independent factions. It should be noted that while many Blood Elves that followed Kael'thas to Outland fed upon fel energy, this was not the case for the Blood elves that remained on Azeroth that fed primarily upon mana. Emboldened by the promise of Kael'thas' return, the weary citizens of Quel'Thalas now focus on regaining their strength, even as they forge a new path into an uncertain future. This group, known as the Scryers, pledged their loyalties to A'dal and the naaru of Shattrath City and worked in concert with them (and to some extent the Aldor, though they were more rivals than anything) to bring down Kael'thas as well as his erstwhile allies Illidan and Lady Vashj. stop hiding your alts, spotty-faced gamer. [1] A large faction of blood elves previously under the direct command of Kael'thas defected, and are now known as the Scryers, and currently operate to fight against the prince. Lor'themar Theron led them in Kael'thas' absence.

The blood elves have little use for the Alliance, and the downfall of this faction is next on their list after they have purged the Scourge from Lordaeron.

In remembrance of their fallen brethren, most of them renamed themselves the blood elves, or sin'dorei, and swore to avenge their fallen race.

Kael'thas claimed that they would soon die without another magical source to replace the Sunwell. The trolls who have been the ancient enemy of all quel'dorei since antiquity accepted them warily.

Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, World of Warcraft Arena World Championship. Thus, the remaining blood elves on Azeroth looked to the Horde to help them reach Outland. Yeah, this guy’s insane when it comes to killer and iconic names. Their unity rests on their history that allows them to dig deep in the times of troubles, inspiring themselves with the memories of the fallen. [2] A lone representative, Rommath, was sent back to Azeroth with a message of hope for the blood elves remaining in Quel'Thalas: That one day Kael'thas would return to lead his people to paradise. They are busy seeking power and honing their abilities.[2]. The Scourge slew more than 90% of the high elven population, devastating their culture and leading to the renaming.

The goblins are the only merchants who will sell to the blood elves without prejudice; if an Alliance or Horde merchant would even allow a blood elf to look at her goods, she would most certainly raise the prices astronomically. Ten thousand years ago, during the reign of the night elf Queen Azshara, there was an elite magic-using sect known as the Highborne, who dabbled in magics that many other elves considered heretical by drawing upon the power of the Well of Eternity. On the flip side, most high elves regard the blood elves as traitors, and would not take them back. Indeed, many of those back on Azeroth chose to turn against Kael'thas when they learned of it.

Addiction to fel magics and the desperate search for a cure are things the Orcs are very familiar with, and many older orcs who've experienced similar addictions feel a kinship with the blood elves. There they hoped to restart the Sunwell for the purpose of summoning Kil'Jaeden into Azeroth.

Blood elf architecture is much like high elf architecture (Allerian Stronghold as an example of high elf architecture in-game) it involves pendulous creations of wondrous curves and columns, its designs natural, floral, flowing, animal, and borrows much from the French Art Nouveau style. However, his or her hair and skin is much paler than that of a high elf, their eyes glint with a green light, and they wear blood-red robes. Since the phoenix dies and becomes reborn, it could be a symbol for the blood elves — the blood elves metaphorically 'died' as high elves and were reborn as blood elves. He can certainly hold his own in direct combat but it rarely comes to it as his stealthy ways are more than enough to ambush anyone he wants to. Their fountains seem to defy physical boundaries, creating or warping water in impossible ways. Night elves have long, slanted ears while blood elves' ears are shorter and tend to point upwards. Rather thin and slender, Blood Elves are agile and graceful creatures, capable of great things. The night elves are remembered as the elves who banished them from their homes so very long ago, and those grudges still run deep.

Never pick a lame name again! It is unknown what state of magical addiction they are in after the Sunwell was restored. In classic World of Warcraft, blood elves had normal white eyes with pupils. Blood elves feel betrayed by the Alliance and are enemies of both humanity and the night elves. Anyone else know any good names?

Although in lore, their eyes are said to be green,[1] they have been shown to be different in some sources: In The Frozen Throne, blood elven eyes were depicted white and pupil-less, both in-game and in official artwork. Blood elves have flags that feature a phoenix. Argent Dawn. Even more agile than the average blood elf, he can move unheard and unseen in almost all situations and places. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Was it after they became blood elves, did they start after the creation of the Sunwell, or was it just a group of sun loving night elf families that founded Quel'thalas?

Those now known as blood elves were once high elves. Your email address will not be published. While the blood elves do not abstain from draining arcane power directly, they are careful to keep their addictions under control, keeping the power their new abilities offer while maintaining self-discipline. Indeed, one can even argue that — while they officially are a monarchy undergoing an interregnum — the blood elves border on being a fascist state. 2 Likes . The blood elves of Azeroth joined the Horde in the Burning Crusade expansion, seeking to reunite with Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider in Outland. The blood elves defended their homeland, and, eventually, having reestablished a degree of safety to their land and prevented their society from degenerating, Kael'thas left his homeland.

During the Third War, Prince Arthas led his army of the Scourge against them, ravaging Quel'Thalas and corrupting the Sunwell. I was thinking of Lumos, or Lumen meaning Light in Latin. dont rly want something thats like normal name like Julie, Amanda and so on enyone have some good names… (dont really want a name alot of people have but type whatever comes up in your head and mby i/u can change some letters??). This could allow the blood elves to have increased control over them.

Eventually they would assault Kael's stronghold at the former draenei complex of Tempest Keep and presumably defeat him, though events would prove this to be "but a setback...". Many painted runes or mysterious tattoos on their faces, arms and shoulders for warding off demons or celebrating significant kills or simply to look intimidating — something high elves would never do.