Even four decades after his death, rumors continue to swirl about Elvis Presley. Nathan Kress expecting baby no. EIN: Elvis obviously had a quick temper. Then during the touring we were together all the time. Billy: We were at Rocca Place at that time. Davies on a strange case of alien abduction in Wales. He made it a good time. [5], Smith was one of Elvis' closest friends and confidantes, and the two would talk for hours up in Elvis' bedroom at Graceland, even acting out Monty Python scenes. So the rumor of the webbed toes remains to be debunked. EIN: What’s your earliest memory of Elvis? 2 with wife London Elise Kress after multiple miscarriages! Billy: He did practice, but it was at the studio. The spooky incident occurred last month at the home of Billy Smith, who is the second cousin of Graceland's iconic inhabitant. Elvis made the rules and decisions when it came to me, and most of the other guys. "The Memphis Mafia" was with Elvis almost twenty-four hours a day, at least one or two of them. That’s you, that’s not somebody else.’, “So he said, ‘I could swap places with this person and nobody would ever know the difference.’, “And I said, ‘Again, I know the difference. He said they were all just alike, basically. It's about forgiveness. ", "For a dead man, Elvis Presley is awfully noisy. Billy: Larry Geller was okay. I was always close to Elvis even as a young child. Now it was a known fact among the guys that Elvis couldn't keep a secret, but if it was really important, he did. producing....no propelling, an unstoppable, fundamental and primordial shift in not only musical, but social, political and cultural history", "Elvis, the musician, is largely a relic belonging to the baby boomer generation...Elvis, the icon, is arguably one of the most potent symbols of popular culture", "It [rock & roll] was always about Elvis; not just because he was Elvis, but because he was the big star", "If they had let me on white radio stations back then, there never would have been an Elvis", "Elvis loved opera, and he especially liked Mario Lanza. Billy: Gene was Elvis' first cousin. The Beatles were excited about meeting him, but when they first got there they were a little quiet and were just kind of feeling him out. He wanted stronger roles. Gene worked for Elvis for a number of years and was one of the original Memphis Mafia members, along with Red West & Junior. Vernon Presley suffered a heart attack in the spring of 1975, just two years before Elvis' death. He would watch The Student Prince which was set in Heidelberg, over and over again. What was his relationship like with Elvis? "I can't say that it was really anything," he mused, "but, to me, it was almost like maybe it was Elvis or maybe it was my grandmother or maybe both kinda saying 'hey, we're there with you and it's gonna be okay.'" Corral’. EIN: Did you always travel with Elvis to film the movies? Can you remember how the city move affected Elvis? . Billy Smith with his parents Travis & Lorraine Smith, and his brother Bobby on the right. Turning to the stereo, he immediately thought that the perceived visitor could have been The King or perhaps Smith grandmother who passed away earlier this year. Peter Guralnick's award-winning two-volume biography of Elvis, Last Train to Memphis: The Rise of Elvis Presley and Careless Love: The Unmaking of Elvis Presley document like nothing before or since the meteoric rise and crushing fall of an American icon. Together, the books present a compelling, can't-look-away journey down the river as a musical Marlowe slowly transforms into a reclusive Kurtz. Billy: Aunt Gladys was a good person. By signing up you agree to our privacy policy, Stand with us in our mission to discover and uncover the story of North Texas. Billy’s family also went with the Presleys when they first moved to Memphis. That was a lot different and I remember that it took a while for everyone to get jobs, and one of my daddy's cousins stole all the money we had, and my daddy's new socks. Fans reckon you can hear King at Graceland – LISTEN, Brian May on Queen’s influences: The Beatles 'built our bible', Rolling Stones: Brian Jones would call Bob Dylan EVERY day, Elvis Presley had 'HUGE heart, Graceland like living at Disneyland', Elvis Presley's bodyguard on TERRIFYING motorbike ride with The King, Elvis Presley pilot CAUGHT sleeping in his bed: Guess King's reaction.