And the spool is packed immaculately on every retrieve. With only 3 bearings, I’m surprised at just how smooth and solid it feels. Because the line on a level wind must pass through a relatively small line guide, friction will come into play and negatively impact distance. The rod and reel are both saltwater rated. Many anglers choose to relax at the beach with several rods placed in holders that are secured in the ground. You lose 2 bearings as the size progresses above the 60. Line-capacity yd/lb: Mono 205/20, braid 335/50. Solid construction but be very cautious of corrosion, Super Tuned machine cut spool–super-balanced, super-lightweight aluminum alloy, Carbon Swept Handle for reduced weight, maximum leverage, and control, Fast 5.8 to 1 retrieve picks up 28″ per crank, High-grade brass drive gear and a stainless steel pinion, Absolutely brilliant go-to surf reel for all skill levels. Here are our top three choices from the lineup, each one in its own category. An unevenly packed casting reel casts poorly…in anybody’s hands. Still, a good option, they are going to be slower retrieve and will need your thumb brake when casting when compared to say the newer Penn Squall. This Ci4+ reel is made with materials that make it 2.5 times more stiff than the previous version. The underpowered drag is still very smooth and reliable. I’d like to see an oversized handle on the Millionaire, with a larger knob. Line-capacity yd/lb: Mono 230/16, braid 270/40. 6000: Drag 25 lbs, weighs 21.4 oz, retrieves 41 in/turn. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; In areas with small tides, large tides around, for example, the spring tide can increase fish feeding activity. Global Fishing Reports does not guarantee purchases made and these links should be viewed as recommendations only. While I’d prefer faster, what it lacks in speed is made up for in many other ways. An angler needs to learn and hone that skill. One of the most important pieces of gear for Surf Fishing, is the reel. The result is further casting. They will all do the job, it just becomes personal preference as to what bells and whistles you want. Here’s a quick recap of our top three picks…. Rule number two when looking for a venue concerns the colour of the water. The Shimano Ultegra Ci4+ is a top-quality surf fishing reel. While there are strong claims of durability, I’d be diligent with cleaning thoroughly around the level wind mechanism. This is the latest Okuma Avenger ABF Baitfeeder reel. Penn Fierce III Live Liner Surf Fishing Reel, 11. 4000lc: Drag 13 lbs, weighs 13.7 oz, retrieves 33 in/turn. It also has the super slow oscillation 5 which wraps the spool 55 times per cycle. Well…there’s no outright best. They have cheaper models, and there are some much more expensive models as well. I have noticed however, that the fish don’t really care how much you spent on your reel. The 4 ball bearings are corrosion resistant and have extra shields to help prevent dirt, sand, salt, and dust from entering the bearings. The Okuma Convector CV series is the next step up if you will, in their casting reel line up. This is one heck of a reel, and probably the most versatile of the eight listed. The Socorro SW Series is a little more budget friendly than the Ultegra series and they were specifically designed for saltwater applications from the ground up. Sometimes it is slow for hours and then like a light switch there is tons of fish activity. Line-capacity yd/lb: Mono 205/20, braid 335/50. The beach, sand, and salt kill expensive and cheap reels alike.