I move places often, so that's why I have this desk. hello, i want to make my own desk using the ikea 74" saljan countertop resting on two oddvald trestles. VertDesk Price: Starting at $683.99 Shop for the Bestar 160402-33 Gaming Desk >>, Large gaming space For example, it is much more practical to build a standard, wooden desk rather than getting a store-bought one. Desk cable management is like cleaning your room. And now you have it, a formula for free Reddit karma. It also has a smooth surface which is generally preferred by the users. The desk also incorporates several design elements that augment its functionality. You’ll need a plan of attack and at least a few hours set aside to... Is finding the right desk for your gaming setup all that important? For the price, it isn’t a surprise, but there wasn’t any additional storage included. Through this process, we are able to get a much better idea if certain desks work better than others. Visit our corporate site. I like my desktop on my desk (who puts a light show in their tower for it to be at their feet) and I know currently being I have a lower than 1920x1080p monitor, it's smaller than my other one, probably like 19"? When you frequent PC gaming subreddits as often as we do, you’ll start to notice patterns in all of the best gaming setups. What isn’t so obvious is the type or style of desk that is best suited for gaming. Sit or stand, it’s up to you. Whether you’re on carpet, hardwood, or plastic mats for your gaming chair, you’ll be good to stay stable and take the team home in whatever you’re playing. The file drawer includes hanging file mounts and uses a high-quality ball bearing drawer slide. If your ideal gaming space has hardwood floors, you needn’t worry; thanks to the rubber grips, it’s not the easiest to move into place, but that’s a good thing. The table measures 45.3 inches wide and 29 inches long. Standard Desks - This is the most popular version of the gaming desk out on the market. The L-shaped Tribesigns Modern Gaming Desk incorporates ingenious aesthetics and ergonomic design to deliver style and outstanding performance. This dimension offers enough space to accommodate a 40-inch monitor along with other equipment such as a mouse, keyboard, CPU and smaller accessories. The best gaming setups have wallpapers that fit perfectly with their theme. The gaming desk also comes with a CPU stand for proper and secure storage. Even the most compact of corners the L-shaped gamer desk also comes with metal frame legs which account for its strength and stability. And just because you are caught in the game, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be comfortable. The height adjustability feature allows you to loosen the screws and tighten them on the desired height. Looking past the standard desk, the primary dilemma is to choose between an L shaped and U shaped desk. It’s just a handle that you feed the wires through, making it essentially a built-in zip tie; not really the best feature. Good consistent welds can help ensure your standing desk is solid throughout all heights. By Seth Macy, Kevin Lee. All in all, this offers up all the space needed to either work or play hard. These desks are almost identical to the standard gaming desks except for one important feature; the height of these desks can be extensively adjusted to enable the gamer to use them in a sitting or standing position, depending on their personal preference. This concept ensures you have enough space for all your tools. One of the issues with gaming desks is that they don't often come with storage, so you'll want to be sure you have places to store files and other content in your house before you opt for a gaming desk. I got rid of my old desk, because well it was old and I didn't have any room in my van when I moved out of my place. Looking at things like fit and finish? They're nice to have, but they also run up your gaming desk's cost. Whether it’s console, PC or VR, you need your designated space. We told you there were still a few aces up our sleeves, and this one pulls out a seriously stellar stop. The 24/7 customer support is there to guide you through proper installation and assist you in the case of defects. A gamer doesn’t simply type and look at the computer screen. The hands-on extra-large mousepad and humanized features help to enhance that gaming reality experience. The Coleshome Gaming Desk offers an extremely affordable and high-quality desk option. The enclosed fiberboard is covered by an anti-scratch and waterproof lamination to allow you to comfortably place your gaming devices on its surface. A couple of the desks we tested were height adjustable, so we check to ensure they move as described. The choice of material will boil down to your budget, aesthetics and lifestyle preferences that may subject them to different physical and environmental challenges. Let’s get started. While this desk doesn’t come with storage, the surface is large enough to support a gaming PC and/or console. Why not display a breathtaking image? Organized set-up. Not only does it add to the decor, but also showcases your personality and interests. With the higher price tag, it would have been nice to see some storage included with the desk. We’re not crazy about how long this thing takes to ship, but that’s where the negativities end. If you plan to keep your computer case or gaming console on the desk, you’ll want to account for that space as well. The desk is also mounted with strong stabilizer brackets. For instance, an ordinary desk wouldn’t be able to provide the amount of space that is vital for gaming, nor would it have all the features to hold multiple monitors and wire outlets. You’ll often see dual, triple, and even up to six monitor setups. Consistent edge banding When it comes to the desk legs, they really didn’t hit home for us. These will free up space for a second task as well as gaming. Upper shelf can be used for monitors Smooth and consistent frame paint finish. To complement the leg’s stable dimensions, the legs are fitted with leg pads to also help keep it stable. The nice thing about using a straight table for your setup is that you can get multiple tables and combine them together to either get an extra wide desk for your setup, or to create an L-shape desk that will work in the corner of a room. Pictured: The Kira Mechanical Keyboard in  Goldstarlabs’ Setup. Starting at $599.99, the VertDesk gaming desk was by far the most expensive option in the group. Ultra sturdy construction w/ thick table legs, Large enough to fit a triple monitor display w/ keyboard and mouse room, Flat surface with no wobbling or instability, Metal frame is great, but dangerous around little ones. If OP isn't doing that, I'm sure there are better options, especially for a multi-monitor setup. The desk features a cup holder, headphone hook, controller stand, extra-large mouse pad and abundant space for other gaming gears. We also read actual customer reviews to be sure. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as vacuuming and putting stuff away. The desk incorporates a choice of high quality and durable material, whilst its design fits its purpose. With an added cross support, the Gamma offers good stability for gaming. You’re going to see a hefty upfront cost, but keep in mind, we don’t put anything up on our lists that aren’t worth the cash spent. And if you are struggling, the included instructions offer a clear guideline on how to do so. The amount of time you put into building the desk is part of that investment. Even its creative angling on the sides, buckle design is well thought out to ensure it is comfortable and appropriately positioned in your home office or living space. Before you purchase the product, ensure that you have thoroughly assessed the amount of effort and skill it would entail to assemble your desk. They maintain screen angles that enable the player to be immersed in their new escapade with a newfound realness. Also, it has the largest working area as compared to any other desk on our list. The desktop of the GreenForest gaming desk is made of a newer version and an environmentally friendly P2 class fiberboard. Take an IKEA countertop like the KARLBY and rest it on top of two ALEX drawers and voila! The Eureka R1S series is constructed with RGB LED lighting effects. This integrates designs such as the separate CPU stand, that can be placed below the desk as the keyboard tray. We had never heard of Arozzi, but now, there’s no way in hell we’ll forget about them. Available for under $300, it is a much less expensive option than the similar Bush desk further up the list. This design allows the gaming desk to be positioned in whatever angles of your home.