Subscribe to Deadline Breaking News Alerts and keep your inbox happy. He attempted to get a waiver from us in 2011 – which we did not give because he was a sex offender. It occurred in our home, and in a grove or field near our home, in Glendora, California. Apple noticed this and promptly pulled the awards season contender as AFI’s closing night film last Thursday. These charges against me are deeply humiliating and frustrating because I can never prove how false they are. We want to hear from you! To steal, kill and destroy is in Bernard Garrett Jr.s nature. He went on in his statement to accuse my mother of not being faithful to my father. This simply never happened. Bernard Garrett Jr. admitted the acts just days ago to my brother on the phone. Garrett Jr.’s name was also abruptly removed from the The Banker‘s credits and promo materials. She is innocent in this and also a victim. EXCLUSIVE: Days after Cynthia and Sheila Garrett made accusations that their half-brother Bernard Garrett Jr., the co-producer of Apple’s original movie The Banker, sexually molested them during the early 1970s, Garrett Jr. has come forward this morning with a vehement denial. Cynthia & The Entire Garrett Family (except for Bernard Jr)”. Cynthia Garrett gave a subsequent statement to our sister publication IndieWire. Copyright © 2020 Penske Business Media, LLC. It seems the legal representatives on this film want to position themselves as defending the actions of a child molester (and mentioning a 15 year age – which is inaccurate – and disgusting that they are inferring he was a minor – as they defend his position) – how sick! For myself, the best I could do was remove my name from the film and step away so as not to tarnish my father’s Legacy, as honoring him and what he stood for was all I ever wanted to do.”. We spent years of our childhood in fear of being alone with him and many more years feeling silenced by the shame and darkness of what he did to us. Garrett and Morris got around this segregationist tactics by hiring a working-class white man (Nicholas Hoult) to pose as the head of their corporation while they pretended to be a janitor and chauffeur. Years later, he purported to have the rights to our father’s story. I can only hope that people will keep an open mind, and though I forgive my sisters and bear them no ill-will, I do hope that people will educate themselves  on who Cynthia is – and why she might make these accusations right now – before they take her words as truth. Launch dates for broadcast, cable and streaming programs, Up-to-date lists for broadcast, cable and streaming series, Pandemic-proof vs. pandemic-contingent broadcast lineups, Signup for Breaking News Alerts & Newsletters, Get our latest storiesin the feed of your favorite networks. What did happen is that I told my father when I discovered that their mother Linda was cheating on him, and they have always blamed me for the break-up that followed. My abuse occurred in our home in Glendora, California and continued until we moved with our parents to the Bahamas. All Rights reserved. On Friday, Apple announced it was delaying the film’s Dec. 6 theatrical release to an undetermined time. Period. He continued repeatedly whenever he could for years. It is shocking to see the makers of the Banker align with him in his rape. With that statement he repeatedly rapes us. She was pregnant for seven years straight during this period. Recently I have learned that her abuse was even worse than mine. “My half-sisters Cynthia and Sheila have accused me of molesting them in the early 1970s, when I was a teenager of about 15. The Banker also features Garrett Sr.’s first wife, Eunice (Nia Long). He did not. EXCLUSIVE: Days after Cynthia and Sheila Garrett made accusations that their half-brother Bernard Garrett Jr., the co-producer of Apple ’s original movie … Garrett Jr. as a character appears in the movie briefly. Ice Cube Calls Out ‘SNL’ For Joke About Rappers Supporting Trump: “Trying To Reduce Me To Greed”, Kevin Bacon Joins Action Thriller ‘One Way’ Opposite Colson Baker & Travis Fimmel – AFM, Samuel Goldwyn Picks Up Action Thriller ‘Knuckledust’, ‘Orphan: First Kill’: Julia Stiles Boarding, Isabelle Fuhrman Returning To eOne & Dark Castle Horror Prequel, Exhibition Awaiting Another ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Release-Date Change; Shortened Theatrical Window Not In Cards, Q3 Revenue Plunges From $1.3B To $119M; Net Loss 16 Times Wider; CEO Vows “We Will Fight!”, Tom Hardy, Pete Davidson, Stephan James, Tye Sheridan, Bill Skarsgard, Ashton Sanders Lead Vietnam War Pic, NBC Pulls Pandemic-Themed Comedy ‘Connecting’ From Schedule; Remaining Episodes To Stream Online. The allegations made by Cynthia Garrett came to light after a comment she wrote on a Deadline story and in other media that wrote stories about the upcoming film which was slotted as the first theatrical release for Apple’s film division. The Banker is based on the true story of Bernard Garrett (Anthony Mackie) who together with Joe Morris (Samuel L. Jackson), bought banks in Texas to give lending opportunities to blacks who aspired to own homes and start businesses. What did happen is that Cynthia asked my father – twice – to give her the right to make a movie of his life story, and twice he turned her down, and instead decided to entrust those rights to me and a friend of mine. He has recently issued a statement filled with lies. My whole family of eight stands in unity on the truth of this. The half sisters have claimed that some events taking place in the film actually occurred after Eunice and Garrett Sr. were divorced. Additionally, Bernard Garrett Jr. forced himself on me in secret beginning at age 7 and continued for years. It shows what we have seen from them the whole time – an exploitative orientation of our family. When my sister was 16 and I was 19 I learned that she too had been abused. She is steadfast in her accusation: “At 4 years old, Bernard Garrett Jr. forced himself on my baby sister in secret. Bernie Jr did not come with us. This occurred during the 1950s, when Jim Crow laws made such ambitions nearly impossible in the Deep South. Apple has declined to comment specifically about Garrett Jr.’s situation in connection with The Banker. My father gave us the rights on video. Send us a tip using our annonymous form. We understand that Garrett Sr. sold the pic rights to Romulus Entertainment, and that deal reverted to Garrett Jr. after his father’s death, making him a co-producer in name only. The Banker is scheduled to stream on Apple TV+ in January, but even that is unclear. …. Like The Help, the movie shines a light on African Americans during a time of severe segregation.