New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I would like to try the energy glitch to fully enjoy this event, however I cannot really find a detailed explanation about it. I hope the new glitch works for everyone! Thanks for your help :). Adorable cats go wild all over the world! To recover your energy and/or play events in the near future, simply follow these steps: 1-In your device's time setting, set the "Set automatically" option to ON. I hit the wall of what i can do without grinding cat tickets and exp. You click back in battle cats and click back on your tabs bar really fast so you can just register the time in the game then change back. seems with patch 8.3 this doesn't work again unfortunately. Could you tell me which firewall app you use? What is our glitch? I wasn't able to energy glitch before using this strat, 1.) According to bad2fishtoo, Gamatoto can be hacked using this glitch as well! Though I have stopped myself from using it, I occasionally test it just to see if it still works with each update. It's not necessary to have 0 energy right? Here's your chance to raise and play with them for free! thats it. 4-Open Battle Cats and wait until you hear the music from any menu. Do not be afraid, the game is not connected with the real world, so do not be afraid of your pet. 5-Return to the device's time setting and manually add between 48 to 60 hours from the new day to arrive at the time you'd like to play on (new day + (48 to 60 hours) = desired time*). According to bad2fishtoo, Gamatoto can be hacked using this glitch as well! Was just wandering about the first two steps, why turn it on and off. Thanks for the help :), Breaking it down for you. Open battlecats, and after it loads right as it starts displaying the 'free to play but not really' message, switch over to the date and time window 5.) The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. This is on a Nexus 6p. Press J to jump to the feed. Edit: Never mind, it works! I'm using NoRoot Firewall but I can't get it to work. Does it still work in the most recent update? Hmm. Turn automatic date/time back on (this sets the day back to current day 6.) also avalible typing in URL: https: ... Battle Cats Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. ust going to mention a usefull tidbit, if you just can't seem to get the timing down using a (no root) firewall app removes the need for proper timing. (Force close it in task manager if it is), Set the date in settings (in date and time) 2 days back, Open Battle Cats again, but just after it finishes loading and the free to play notice is about to appear, switch back to settings (keeping BC open). *Desired time could be the time when the Cat Ticket Chance is available, for instance. If Gamatoto isn't done or if your energy is not recharged, then your timing was wrong. This will also resolve any time errors encountered. Make sure Battle Cats is not open. Go to settings and and change date to 2 days back. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The glitch works best on a slower WiFi connection (like that of a school, or a public building), so keep that in mind. 2-In your device's time setting, set the "Set automatically" option to OFF. 1:04. Be sure to give it a try. (Android device). Adorable cats go wild all over the world! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. As usual, it only works on Android devices. (Hoping its detailed too). It may be a setting with your phone? On my firewall app, it doesn't show Battle Cats as an option. After no energy is left exit the app completely. Hello all, energy glitch veteran here. You can play tomorrow's events early and try your luck at those Ticket Chance Stages much more often, simply repeat those 5 steps to recover your energy and play once again. Make date back to normal by clicking the automatic date checkbox. 3-Manually set the device's current day to two days ago (present day -48 hours = new day). Da Fishy. DarkNinja1347 1,054 views. Repeat until done correctly. That shouldn't be happening. I need to manually click the icon to open it again. I was told to close all other apps so it was only battle cats and date and time open and it worked for me! Cats of Battle: The Secret of “Our Glitch". I've been trying to do this but the app vanishes from the running tab.