Both consumed all loads without a bobble and even the hot Corbon +P loads proved comfortable to shoot in the steel-framed guns. The gun points naturally—a big plus for a defensive firearm. Drift the rear sight in the same direction you want the point of impact to move. After recoiling a short distance, the barrel cams downward and stops. They can be disassembled easily for cleaning. The steel framed Baby Eagle 9mm pistol has a 4.43-inch barrel length, weighs in at just 38 ounces, and has an overall length of 8 inches, which make it well suited for daily carry. BUY IT NOW!! Sorry, there are no results in your area. The CZ 75 has a stepped-down slide that narrows near the muzzle. Push the slide rearward, just a bit, until the witness mark on the frame and slide line up. Non-NFA Glock Carbine Kit! I had a single malfunction on the third shot that was my fault for simply giving the gun a good surface wipe without making sure the rails and guide rod were properly lubed, but a drop or two of Outers gun oil had it running like a sports car in short order with both FMJ and JHP rounds from Black Hills, SIG Sauer and Browning. All Types  (5) Classified Ad  (5), Search Full Text of Listings The good thing is, you have to deal with the recalcitrant double-action trigger only when firing the first shot. At 12 yards, all of these rounds grouped within 2½ inches, and while I was shooting, I focused my attention on some chunks of broken clay targets at the 25 yard line, and either broke them smaller or came close enough to put the hurt on a larger target. No one will mistake these guns for lightweights. Despite MRI calling the Baby Desert Eagle III a full-size gun, its barrel length is only 4.43”. While the Baby Desert Eagle II Compact looked and felt good, extensive firing would prove the gun’s practical worth. The Baby Desert Eagle III possesses a conventional double-action/single-action trigger system. The pistol seemed to like 124-grain bullets best, although I did get some decent results with Browning’s heavier practice and street ammunition. *We Never share your email without your permission. The front strap is grooved to enhance the grip, and the squared trigger guard has grooves and is sized large enough for use while wearing gloves. The 9mm Baby Desert Eagle II Compact I’ve been using isn’t all that compact until you compare it with the semi-compact and full-sized Baby Desert Eagles in the same chambering. BRAND NEW IN THE BOX AND READY TO SHIP! Disassembly of the Baby Desert Eagle III guns is easy and requires no tools. The trigger guard is undercut where it meets the frame, allowing the shooter to get a very high hold on the frame. The Baby Eagle, a cousin to the CZ-75, will be offered in two sizes with two frame options in three calibers. Unloaded, the Baby Desert Eagle II Compact weighs 33.9 ounces. In my opinion, this absolutely precludes the possibility of the slide biting your gun hand during a cycle, and anybody who has ever suffered such a pinch will appreciate that. The magazine release and slide catch are located in the usual, 1911-inspired, location. The new Baby Desert Eagle has an ambidextrous manual safety mounted at the rear of the slide. This allows you to carry the gun with the hammer cocked and the safety engaged. My test piece had the 15-rounders, and both feature steel bodies with bright red synthetic followers and black synthetic floorplates. A Desert Eagle for CCW? My initial evaluation of the handgun’s quality was completely verified after I’d fired a few hundred rounds through it without cleaning it first. It features a precision land and groove . All groups were fired from a seated rest with targets at 15 yards. Looking for a PM9 Holster go to Parts&Accessories/Kahr Arms/PM9/Holsters), Baby Eagle® III, Semi-Compact, Polymer Frame PistolBlack with Accessory Rail, 4.43"; Barrel, Register as an authorized dealer.Where to Buy, Get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales, Return Authorization Request - KAHR or Auto Ordnance Firearms Only, Return Authorization Request - Magnum Research Firearms Only, Kahr European Distributor, Baby Eagle III, Semi-Compact Size Polymer, Baby Eagle III, Semi-Compact Size Carbon Steel, Desert Eagle Pistol, L5, 5" Barrel with Integral Muzzle Brake, NY OKAY, Desert Eagle Mark XIX 6-inch Component System (DEXIX6), Desert Eagle Pistol, Aluminum Frame, SS Slide/Barrel, Desert Eagle, .50AE Combo Caliber Package, [NEW] Desert Eagle Pistol, .429DE Stainless w/ Integral Muzzle Brake, Polymer frame with high quality carbon steel slide, Black textured polymer frame, black oxide on slide, Slide mounted safety and decocker, ambidextrous, * Specifications subject to change without notice. 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