There Are Slight Variations Between Each Mask, Such As The Thread Color And Color Of The Back, Typically Worn On Uniforms, Bags or Helmets. The Paramarines and the Battle of White Plains, Website Built In-House By Venture Surplus, Manufacture date is 2015 with a 2020 inspection date, Used in Pairs (sets) on the M50 and M51 full face masks, M50 is a current in service ground and shipboard general service mask, M51 is a current in service combat vehicle mask, Light weight for comfort and ease of movement, Power Dry technology to keep you cool during the warmer parts of the day and warm during colder weather, Full flame-resistant construction with proprietary Massif fabrics, Lightweight, ultra-breathable and wicking torso fabric, Seamless side-panel construction increases comfort under armor, Velcro loop for name, rank, flag, and unit tape, Wrist cuffs adjust for a customizable fit, Lightweight elbow pads with abrasion-resistant, Constructed with water resistant outer shell to maintain warmth even when wet, PrimaLoft® Sport Thermal bonded high-loft insulation for increased warmth and significantly less weight than previous generation ECWCS, High collar with collapsible, stowable insulated hood, Velcro rank patches for rank and name plates, Adjustable Waist and cuffs to keep cold and wind out, The Pouch Fits PMAGS But The Retention Flap, Elastic Bands For Wear Over Ears and will fit over beards. Lance Cpl. � �ƀ2ib�DL�q���x. [8], The M61 filter media is a high-efficiency particulate filter membrane with activated carbon sorbent salted with various chemical compounds designed to defeat all known and emerging chemical, biological and radiological threats as well as many typical toxic industrial chemicals and materials. The communication system built into the mask is specifically designed with the SOF community in mind. They are located on the exterior of the facepiece assembly and attach to the front of the left and right filter mounts. When the filter is attached to the filter mount, it opens the self-sealing disk valve permitting filtered air to pass through the inlet disk valve during inhalation. It is used when a longer-duration supply of breathing gas is needed. The hose is attached to the service member's uniform using the Clothing Clip to prevent the hose from pulling the mask away from the face. APR (Air Purifying Respirator)- A negative pressure mask using NATO thread filters that operate like any other CBRN protective mask. The adoption of the M61 series filters departed from the Standard NATO Agreement (STANAG) governing NATO filter sizes (STANAG 4155) that require a 40mm screw-mounted filter with a 1/7 turn ratio. Additionally, economies of scale could significantly lower costs if all armed service could use the same mask system instead of having many models spread out among the services. Noah Koehl clears his M50 during an exercise, Avon Protection Systems (APS) M53 U.S. Special Operations Gas Mask Respirator at SOFIC 2011. In the development of the M50, the XM50 was put on a unique and innovative modelling and simulation test fixture that was developed to allow a more realistic form, fit, and function of the mask during evaluations using live agents, ensuring maximum real-world protection. Consequently, there were few actual prototypes used in the development of the mask however, there were several mockups to illustrate different features for decision-makers. Joint Service General Protective Mask (JSGPM), Lance Cpl.

Developing filter systems that could address these newcomer agents was a top force protection priority. Additionally, the protective hood protects the service member for a short duration of time during an emergency escape from vehicle fires (the JSLIST hood provides a similar function for the M50 mask although the JSLIST hood is not fire-resistant). Reduce total ownership costs by at least 50 percent over current masks. %%EOF

The M61 filters contain activated carbon media and a high-efficiency particulate filter. The nose cup assists in controlling the flow of air throughout the mask to minimize the fogging of the eye lenses during breathing. Eye Lens Outsert Assembly - The clear outsert assembly provides the eye lens protection against scratching or other damage. It is an above-the-neck, chemical-biological (CB) respirator that protects against battlefield concentrations of CB agents, toxins, toxic industrial materials, and radioactive particulate matter.

The chlorobutyl content of the rubber formulation limits permeability to chemical warfare agents, however, a hood/second skin is still available for more comprehensive protection. The other end connects directly to the vehicle collective protection system. PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator). Be the first to review “Avon M50 Gas Mask Primary Filter Set, Vacuum Sealed, M41 US Mil-Spec”. There are three black colored inlet/outlet disk valves contained in the facepiece assembly:  One is located between the outlet valve cover assembly and the front module main body assembly. Expired filter elements should be changed immediately in an operational environment, but they still may be used for training purposes in low-risk mask confidence exercises (CS chamber). The unit is operated with a switch on the front of the unit and amplifies the voice from a microphone located in the nose cup assembly. [6], The facepiece assembly, head harness, eye lens outsert assembly, front module assembly, M61 filters, and drink tube coupler and housing are the principal operating components of the M50 Field Protective Mask.[7]. The purified air is delivered to the wearer when he breathes in, or in other words, reduces the pressure in the mask to less than outside pressure, hence the name "negative pressure.". There are no questions yet. Head Harness - The head harness is the adjustable straps that are attached to the facepiece assembly.

The M50/51 masks replaced the M40 and M42, MCU-2/P series of masks, and the M45 in the Land Warrior Program. When combined with the development of pleat encapsulation technology, the shape of the filter is no longer confined to the conventional square/rectangle or round/cylindrical flat shape, thereby providing greater flexibility in equipment design and interface. These Are Made In Limited Batches So Check Back Daily For Restock! Laser protective (green) and high contrast (yellow) outserts are also available for special missions. It serves as an outlet valve disk and releases exhaled air while preventing unfiltered air from entering the facepiece assembly. US Army US Marine Corps US Air Force US Navy The "How To" video series provides audiences the opportunity to get an inside look at how Marines train and go about their daily activities. The head harness consists of a skull cap, and elasticized brow straps, temple straps, and cheek straps. Manufacture date is 2015 with a 2020 inspection date. Filters:  Twin, low profile M61 filter elements, one installed on each side of the mask, provide protection from CBRN agents. The filter connector swivels, accommodating head and body movement. 2009 - Present

1.9 lbs (0.86 Kg) Unlike the M17 series mask, the filter elements are located on the outside of the mask and can be changed in a contaminated atmosphere due to the self-sealing filter mounts. Combination SCBA and PAPR. Preceded by

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The program managers gathered information from all viewpoints, to include: Reports from the field indicated that the M40 series mask was described as too bulky and heavy for modern military operations. SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus). 298 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[]/Index[287 22]/Info 286 0 R/Length 69/Prev 489156/Root 288 0 R/Size 309/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream The FM50 is identical to the M50 and intended for allied military sales. The clear outsert is stowed attached to the mask; the outsert pouch will be stowed in the outsert pocket located on the outside of the mask carrier.

Accountants complained that the complexity of the M40 series was increasing the life-cycle costs of the M40 to an undesirable level. The additional filter simply clips onto the current M61 filter and provides an extra layer of protection for specific threats. The 53-Series Protective Mask was specifically developed to meet the unique requirements of Special Operations Forces (SOF) and is not a standard mask issued to other service members.