Charitable remainder trusts provide donors and/or their loved ones with an income stream for life or for a period of years; the balance of these trusts ultimately supports the university. (B.A., Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude, Brown University), GEOFFREY S. REHNERT is the co-chief executive officer and co-founder of Audax Group, an alternative asset management firm specializing in private equity and private debt investments in middle-market companies, which has raised over $25 billion of investment capital. "We went in the Kentucky locker room, and I didn't feel like I belonged there. '', Jeff Morrow He is also on the board of directors of DUMAC, which manages Duke University’s endowment. The foundation has given negligible funds of late. The Duke grad might well have been headed toward a career in academia were it not for a tug from his brother, Gopal, who’d tasted success on Wall Street. Prior to founding Brightleaf Capital, Evan was founder, CEO, and chairman of TSI Soccer, a retail and mail order sporting goods business, which was ranked as one of the top 500 fastest growing companies in the country by Inc. Magazine in 1995 and 1996. She has 35 years of experience within financial services firms. A Look at Top Givers from Private Credit, What the Right Hand is Doing: The Paradoxical Giving of a Billionaire Mega-Donor, A Blockbuster Gift From T. 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Smith Gives Big Again for HBCU Student Debt, Why Ford’s Big New Racial Justice Commitment Is So Significant, “We Are No Longer Waiting for a Funder to Save Us.” A Look at the Latino Community Foundation, A Charity Rating Service Looks Closer at Impact, with a New Merger Backed by Gates. "We practiced that play pretty regularly. His father still holds the distinction of being the more famous Varadhan — recipient of the Abel Prize, a top mathematics honor modeled on the Nobel Prize. window.location.hash = ''; Lavizzo-Mourey is the first woman and first African-American to be president and CEO of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which has assets of $10 billion. Ashok Varadhan is Global Co-Head of the Securities Division. The charity bears the name of Varadhan’s late older brother Gopal, a rising finance star who died on 9/11. '', Mike Brey "Our coach did a good job of shielding us from the outside world. He was directly responsible for the oversight of four business units covering investment operations, risk and analytics; manager evaluation and due diligence; technology and custom software development for trading, attribution analysis, exposure management, risk mitigation; and strategic business administration/budget oversight. Only through your support can we continue to save lives, discover treatments and cures, reinvent education, and anchor communities around the world. Private equity mogul David Rubenstein, co-founder of the Carlyle Group, has found religion in the form of a 6-foot-7, 285-pound basketball wunderkind from Duke. "John Pelphrey and some other guys, I remember, were in the bathroom stalls. '', Pat McGee “The senior management embraced Ashok. EDUCATION & YOUTH: Ashok Varadhan sits on the board of Harlem Children’s Zone in New York City. On an evening out with some of his top traders a few weeks later, Varadhan joked he couldn’t believe the pair left before him. We had interviews, got on a plane and flew back that night to Durham. With deep ties to the finance industry, Duke is a school that Wall Street has strong feelings about – even if they’re not always positive. '', Mike Krzyzewski We were on regular television so much in our years at Duke, it was like we were regular programming. Varadhan interviewed with a pair of senior Goldman executives including Tom Montag (now Bank of America’s No. Duke arrived at The Modern an hour and a half later than expected but was still greeted by a courteous staff and a restaurant full of curious observers. It was a classic game, and I'm proud to have been a part of it. Prior to founding TSI Soccer, Mr. Jones was an investment banking analyst in the M&A Group at Prudential-Bache Capital Funding in New York. BACKGROUND: Ashok Varadhan grew up in New York City and graduated from Duke University with an economics degree in 1993. “Even though he was on the team for four years, he’s never left,” said Mike Krzyzewski, known as Coach K. “I love the fact that he still gets so emotionally involved with our basketball program.”. '', Bobby Hurley That was pure emotion. Before joining Citigroup, Mr. Zelter was a high-yield trader at Goldman Sachs. '', Rick Bozich I went out with a few people in Philly. I had a perfect look at him, the clock and the ball as soon as it left his hands. by Shaun Assael. Prior to coming to Duke, Price served as Provost of the University of Pennsylvania and was Steven H. Chaffee Professor in the Annenberg School for Communication and Professor of Political Science in the School of Arts and Sciences. "I was going across half court, getting the screen. "My expression after the game, that's my indication of how great the game was, how big that game was. Mr. Nixon heads the Public Securities team. We lift them up as inspiring examples of how today’s graduates might use their talent and education to make their own contributions to the world.”. William Foege, Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, Charlie Rose, Natasha Trethewey and Srinivasa Varadhan. Mr. Triplett holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. Varadhan made his mark at Merrill Lynch & Co. And then came a fortuitous opening at Goldman Sachs in New York, just as trader Chris Rokos was setting out from the bank in London. He was appointed to HCA's Board of Directors in 1999 and was named President and CEO in 2001. We don't have enough time for that. And one of the firm’s biggest trading partners explains why that makes sense.