3 days ago. Lunar Biome Loot Table. 4 days ago. Blood Stalkers are one of the easiest creatures to tame in the game. ARK: Genesis Guide — Mission Loot Table Breakdown. 2.7k. Parasaur Saddle. Escort missions are really good as your Dinosaur will get some XP and resources as well from the enemies it eats and kills along the way. Posted by. 3.0k. u/WisdomWaster. Melee missions can get more around 2300 Hexagon while Escort missions bring somewhere around 1900. Bog Biome Loot Table. Volcano Biome Loot Table. Built Fjord Tough. Posted by. Ruffle Some Feathers. 2.8k. Ocean Biome Loot Table. Posted by. The best method for getting more Hexogon in Ark: Genesis is engaging in Melee and Escort missions. Posted by. Mission. Hazmat Gloves. These are marked with a dino skull with two sword symbols. Easiest Genesis Missions? Right now flyers are turned off but they will be enabled soon. u/superskys. Go for the missions and glitches. Scoring is based on how long it took to kill the Brute Creatures and its cohorts. Race u/Akhary. Flyers Are Turned Off. 2.8k. 5 days ago. Once you have ample resources, set up a base and then you can go tame beasts and explore other biomes. Arctic Biome Loot Table. The mission Ruffle Some Feathers in the Snow Biome currently has a VERY skewed loot table, unlike anything else I've seen in any of the other missions. Loot. 2 days ago. Tame Blood Stalker. 4 days ago. Posted by. u/Cobrasnake525. 2.7k. The following mission types can be found on Genesis: Part 1: Hunt A Hunt Mission is a type of mission where you follow tracks on the ground until you encounter specific Brute Creatures to defeat. u/angrydwarf04. Fabricated Sniper. It offers ALL of the new Genesis items, such as the saddles, the Mining Drill, the Tek Claws and even the Tek Sensors, while also giving a healthy supply of saddles and armor.