He says i didn't care enought to let him know but it isnt true-i just couldn't get in contact with him and i've explained to him all what my dad has done but still-silent treatment... Ok I have to say that you might need to forget what he is TELLING you and go with what he is DOING. I cant count how many times I was about to call it quits with mine in the last almost 20 months but as I proved myself over and over again, it finally gave him enough time and trust in me to be way more open with me then he is with anyone else, sharing things with me that his friends dont even know so I have become BEST FRIEND #1 and that is the most important thing to Aquas. I am surprised I made it this far w/ him. He will pour all of his secrets once he falls hard for you; in addition, he won’t miss chances inviting over his house so that you will have a look into his private space. I love him like crazy. Btw you said that he didnt even text you yesterday to say anything about the holiday but did you? He is very sensible about texting dynamic so if you don’t seem to be on the same page with him, whilst this is not necessarily a deal breaker at the start, it’s definitely not a good sign for him. Am I thinking right or am I being obsessive? Well I am happy about tomorrow, my Aqua told me that one of the new ppl he had to pick up not long ago invieted him (and maybe others) to a DVD movie night and of course had to be tonite right. But you are right, that could be a reason. So maybe he is seeing that he has to step up if he ever wants to be happy with anyone. Just say something like ( maybe even during that dinner while you or both of you make it when relaxed) just say something like " I dont want to make a big deal about this just have a few things I wanted to ask and get out of the way because I dont want to waste your time ( if you say 'your' isntead of our or me they see things different for some reason) and then bring the issue up, tell him that this is where you stand and you would hate for him to regret beign with you because ages and times when you want things are a little different. I am so frustraited that I could scream, and getting closer and closer to leaving him. This s a very romantic notion that may be conscious or unconscious and this means that this sign of man could be seen as very romantic – but in fact, he might not express this and he has something in his mind, in his soul even that he knows makes you a good fit or a bad fit for him. Do you really not see where I am coming from? I think it is good that you tell him that you expect some things from him such as not letting you hang and to call in a few days means CALL IN A FEW DAYS, because he wouldnt like it for you to leave him hanging all the time. You say whats on your mind, he mulls it over, then the next time he calls you you will see a man who respects your time and knows he has to step it up if he wants you. called dreamers, and he will be definitely feeling in love if he feels comfortable They just walk you through the process so you dont have to pay a lawyer. Great manners, always a gentleman, wrote me nice letters (we did the long distance thing for a while), but in person...very shy like and not aggressive at all. I say we both sit back and do nothing. first and is very keen on making a lifelong connection. Of course I know that I can get my feelings hurt no matter who I'm with. I havent heard from my guy since that day. He knows how is he. this is now drama queen page..lol Ok not much time so write. Drop me a comment below to let me know what you think. But he hasnt even asked if I am going thru w/ the process or if its final or anything. Things seemed to be going well, and we even took a trip out of town and everything seemed to be wonderful again, but one evening we started talking, because he had seemed very aloof toward me, and I wondered why. What if he says no? oh Dreamer, almost forgot when we were on the phone I really put him in his place...when we was telling me about the hotels he said to me, if you dont like these we can find one further away like 50 miles or something, I dont mind the drive. There are several easy steps to end this mind games and make him definitely fall in love with you. Well, he left Saturday and he didn't call or text all week. My Aqua lit candles a few weeks ago and I almost died. Hi i am a Leo woman thats been friends with an Aquarius man for about 5 loooong months. Can you believe him? I really am beginning to feel uncomfortable with all this stuff out there for everyone to see, not just you two. I've known him for two years and even though things started off rough, they were getting better and he's been acting like he was really starting to fall for me. But those relationships didnt work either so I figured okay, try something different. Dont even give me this stupid shit...your the reason I booked the damn thing so close to where you live because when I first wanted to book something in the other location you tried to tell me that it was too far to come and see me on sat because of the drive so dont even give me this shit!, Oh no, I am booking close because I am not going to put up with your stubborn ass!" But when I said we gotta stop because I want more...he didn't want me to but said ok. Even have one that invited me to move in. i can accept if he has another girl but love thats different anymore.. hurts me much.. do you think its real?.. You see that he feels ok to confide in you. Just keep things simple for the both of you and leave it at that. I wonder if we will be on "person". My buddy on here is a Virgo. Maybe yours just withdrew a little...thats my theory. So yesterday I wasn't feeling well and he texted me to see how I was. We have to accept that they are different..if we had them figured out we wouldnt be on this post LOL. And will definitely borrow some of your words. Im in such a bad mood right now. Since he needs to know the signs when your girlfriend has a crush on  someone else or not. One thing about me, I dont take anybodys crap for too long. Copyright Compatible-Astrology.com 2006-2018, Terms and conditions | Privacy policy | About | Contact. We will start with the most probably and optimistic one out of the lot. LOL..I had almost forgotten what sex was married to this man. He came home for summer vacation, everything was fine until one day we got in a huge argument and we broke up for a day and the next day we talked and i told him that we need to start taking things slow and that everything happened so fast so we have to take things slower. I am living with a child! Well I saw the aquarius man for the first time after 4 1/2 months, had to get data recovered by him!! i want him back but what can i do? I cant wait to hear what happens on Monday for you..sure I am sneaky, had to be all along with him. No drama today so far but he hasnt gotton home from work yet..lol. We have been good friends for awhile, but not in a relationship. Just was thinking of a creative way to him him/us out of the house and doing something different that would let each of us see another side to one another w/o actually having to TALK, TALK. Ok seems that has changed as well. (fyi i had three pregnancy scares and after the third one he seems more relaxed about it) I found out later after all the apologies and him getting me back that he was still with the other women and now living with her. He was on my mind so i text him and i told him that and that my bed missed him guess what NO RESPONSE! Okay so I decided to just call him. Very matter of fact.He said something about not being comfortable expressing his feelings in the beginning of a relationship. I will be happy to help out. Is this guy nuts or what? Its all good tho, as long as you are happy and you feel a connection was made. He was younger than me and I was dating my soon to be ex long distance so I didnt really take him seriously. He gave me this sweet, shy smile and a long hug. Ok I am new to this site and have made some posts and also made some comments. He wanted to get an reaction out of you and clearly he did. Its like being thirsty and begging for water and you only get a sip here and there. It was like you went from asking for advice to paranoid at it's best asking her these questions about her man but the way you went about it made me feel and gave me impression that you were almost trying to make her feel bad and put thoughts into her head by saying could be the same guy. If I were you, I would not text him make him think you’re playing hard to get. He was driving from upstate NY and I didnt want to keep him on the fone in the snow. We forget to do things that we should. I can tell he loves being in control. He is an intelligent person, so he always looks for a partner who can be as knowledgeable as him. I left it quite a while before contacting him again, he said he was pleased i had contacted him and for the last couple of months we have text again virtually everyday, he says how stupid he was, when i prompt for more information he says i would be surprised about how he feels, there is always good banter between us and he says i make him smile and laugh, just recently over the last week the texts have got more intimate what i mean is that he will put something like i could do with a cuddle and then i will put anytime and then he will put i wish.. and things like that he remembers how lovely i was too him and how caring and that is rare for him. OMG -Yes, romantic indeed! Whether it be friendship or a relationship, however he KISSSSSSSSSED me goodnight. If he tries hard to flirt with you, then surely he feels that you’re a special person. There is a reason behind this! I didnt get a kiss tonite but wasnt shocked about that because I feel that he is such a private person that I am sure that he will also make"that" private as well. On the negative side, the constant I cant be in a relationship thing, and the I dont wanna hurt you nonsense. and I try calling, and he doesn't answer... wtf so I text him and say "why didn't you answer, and I was jokin Because I tried to get a hold of you earlier today, is everything ok?" I thought that but he was the one who kept pursuing me even when I said I didnt want to continue so..its way too complicated now. My hubby could never tell me no. I did call him. Yipee! SO, its tomorrow or nothing. I am thinking it might be better to get some ideas from him as far as what his faves are and listen to me..if he says "no" dont accept it, fight back a bit, they like to be put into their place even if they wont come right out to say that lol. I dont know I am pretty frustrated with my guy and have been..he makes me feel like a very close friend, his best friend sure but get a clue pal..I have co workers that give me longer hugs then my man, whats his damn problem..maybe Im better off with someone that isnt so slow to catch on.