Nijigasaki High School Idol Club. Future flight; ... A After The Rain; Amazing Travel DNA; Aozora Jumping Heart; Aqours 2nd Love Live! Love Live! Entering their new club room for the first time, they realised it would need intensive cleaning up before they would be able to use it.

In episode 1, Chika dreamt of trying to catch a paper airplane. ~TV animation ver.~] Band cover", "[HD]No Game No Life OP [This Game] Band cover", "[HD]Minamike Tadaima OP [Shiawase High Tension] Band cover", "[HD]To aru Kagaku no Railgun S OP [sister's noise] Band cover", "[HD]Hataraku Maou-sama! Sunshine!! Future flight; Kobayashi is nicknamed "Aikyan" by both fans and Aqours members.[7]. The songs they performed with and without full members in the anime, including the opening and ending songs, are: Takami Chika Revisiting the idea of creating a song together, it still seemed hopeless until the ceiling started leaking. Love the little stands and the whole collection looks really neat! Before the competition, they visited Saint Snow in their dressing room. On one of her early morning walks Kanan was followed by the school idol club, who overheard Kanan and Mari talking about Kanan’s returning to school. Sakurauchi Riko Aika Kobayashi (小林 愛香, Kobayashi Aika, born October 23, 1993) is a Japanese singer and voice actress from Kanagawa Prefecture. At the event location, the Aqours members were surprised to find out the girls they had met at Kanda Shrine were school idols, too.

Recorded. In Episode 2, one of Riko’s piano performances was shown through a flashback. by Sarah, and warned not to take Love Live! Dia overheard Mari and Kanan talking and realized the truth they were trying to protect her from. Some time later, Chika’s family came to join her on the beach after she set the Love Live! Dia talked to Aqours about their placing last, saying she was afraid it would happen, considering how tough the school idol scene had gotten. In episode 11, Aqours and the rest of the students of Uranohoshi Girls’ High School were preparing for the School Closing Festival set for the next day. Aqours (pronounced as "aqua")[1] is a school idol group that was originally formed and led by Kanan Matsuura two years prior to falling apart and was eventually succeeded by Chika Takami in Love Live! Meanwhile, You had been working on costume ideas for the school idol group. At the end of the day, Yoshimi, Itsuki and Mutsu showed an impressive balloon display. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. In 2019 she released "No Life Code", her debut single. Sunshine!! Chika suggested they start over and relearn the dance together, and a crying You ended up embracing Chika. Caption: You're really coming with me? But thanks to that, when I think about how that means I'll be able to see all sort of sights in this town for the first time together with you, it makes me feel extremely happy♡ It would be great if the weather was good on the day of our date♪. Let's descend to the very depths of hell---. At Riko’s suggestion, Aqours visited Otonokizaka High School. The school idol club, now with five members, were looking at their ranking and comments when Hanamaru was revealed to never have seen a computer before, due to living in a temple without many electronics. Love Live! ", from the Love Live!

At the end of the day, Chika and You talked about their journey together since starting Aqours. They realized they did not have any lyrics written, and together the three of them tried writing lyrics at the Takami family’s ryokan. Having tried a couple of activities together, it was clear that the two groups did not find the same things fun. Watanabe You Everyone was on edge waiting for the last two applications to drop in during the last minute. As they turned both to the gods and Mari’s family in a futile effort to get more money, Dia felt left out when Mari and Kanan both were adressed more informally than she was. Although Riko did not quite believe this, she followed Yoshiko to the owner’s house. Chika yelled to the fleeing Yoshiko that she was fine the way she was and that μ's got so popular due to their being themselves and not caring about what others thought. ED [Donna Toki mo Zutto] Band cover", "[HD]KILL la KILL ED [Gomen ne, Iiko ja Irarenai.] And I still have to get the HPTT concert set, it kills me hahah. When we meet--- I will welcome you with a date worthy of that confidence♡ Look forward to it♡♡. I'm extremely happy♪--- No way, even though it's a date, you're not giving me any greeting hugs or kisses? All nine girls performed “Mijuku DREAMER” as an insert song, and Dia turned out to be the one who wrote “Aqours” in the sand, it being the same name the third years’ previous idol group had. regionals. She asked Mari what she was going to do, and said saving the school by winning Love Live! Jeez, I will have to get married with my eyes closed---. In accordance with Uchiura tradition, all the town members gathered early in the morning of the first day of beach season to make and release floating lanterns.

In response, Chika talked about how she felt like she had to live up to the expectations of the Uranohoshi Girls’ High School students who came to see them off in Numazu. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. At school, Yoshiko had hair dressing problems, attended to by Ruby and Hanamaru, while Kanan talked to Chika about keeping the memories of Aqours in her heart forever. This broke the spirits of the school idols, causing Chika to second guess their trying to be like μ's and Yoshiko to once again say she wanted to be a normal high schooler and quit the school idol club. The group thought the only option left was to choose just one event, but could not decide on one.

Caption: For my first date, I hope it's a sports date that even I can understand easily!! Chika initially was eager to do anything she could to help make the number rise, but was talked out of it by the rest of the girls. Mari showed her proof and stated that she came to support Chika, You, and Riko. lol. The two started arguing about its name, and were interrupted by Riko’s mother showing them the dog on a missing pet poster.

With going by boat and by helicopter both out of the question, it seemed the only possible way to make it in time would be to perform as the first group and catch a bus. Aqours (pronounced as "aqua")1 is a school idol group that was originally formed and led by … Aqours Songs.

Other Media. Aqours Uranohoshi Jogakuin Radio!!! Blu-ray Disc/DVD When all nine girls regrouped, celebrating the two completed songs, Mari received a phone call. Riko said she wavered at first, but that their camp made her realize that Aqours was more important to her.

Yoshiko ran off with the other two first years chasing her, and Chika proclaimed she would recruit them later.

Kanji Tour ~WONDERFUL STORIES~ How about watching my high-diving performance? When Aqours went back to their dressing room, they had already left. ", Love Live!

Da-da-date--- Uhm, a date, such a thing--- it's way too early for me~!!! They came back to the issue of choosing a team, and Kanan said that she just wanted to try her best in order to not have any regrets. Mari handed out diplomas to the graduating students, and Dia held a speech as student council president. was impossible. On the way home, Chika met Sakurauchi Riko, a student from Otonokizaka High School in Tokyo, and introduced her to school idols. Kanan payed Mari a visit to ask about the school shutting down, to which Mari replied that it was something they would have to fight for, and that she wanted Kanan to fight again. Riko’s fear of dogs initially having held her back, she eventually warmed up to the animal enough to hurry home after practice to be able to spend time with it. Takatsuki has lived in Ibaraki, Osaka as well. During practice, everyone was happy to discover Aqours on a list of groups most likely to make the national competition. Nijigasaki High School Idol Club. In episode 9, Ruby recruited Yoshiko and Hanamaru to help out with the concert for Dia and Sarah. While Ruby and the school idol club were celebrating having reached the top, Hanamaru met with Dia and told her to pay more attention to what Ruby had to say about her feelings. Chika accepted Sarah’s challenge to bring their best to the Love Live! as Hanamaru Kunikida and currently belongs to its group unit Aqours. Riko and You reminded her that she had forgotten to thank herself for how far they had come already. In episode 4, Chika woke up in an unusually happy mood. After being forced to return the dog, Riko and Yoshiko’s spirits were crushed. Kurosawa Ruby Because of this, they were invited to perform at an event in Tokyo.

Aqours's second day of managing the snack bar wasn’t all too successful either, but everyone enjoyed the curry You made using both Mari’s and Yoshiko’s culinary creations. Seeing Yoshiko sneaking around the rooftop, Hanamaru confronted Yoshiko about her being back at school. Therefore, she asked Yoshiko if she wanted to become a school idol, addressing her as “Fallen Angel Yohane-chan”. With help from her friend Watanabe You, Chika tried to gather members at the school entrance ceremony, without any response from the student body. Gotta get those Muse memorial boxes first though XD.

Included in the audience were Mari, Ruby, Hanamaru, and a disguised Yoshiko. Kobayashi was born on October 23, 1993 at Kanagawa Prefecture.

Love Live! Calling the other Aqours members, she suggested they’d all go to Tokyo before Riko went back home, and try to figure out what made μ's great. Due to already having plans for next year she turned the offer down, making everyone aware of their limited time left together. While Hanamaru was at the bookshop, thinking it was impossible for her to be like μ's and Rin Hoshizora, Yoshiko passed by in disguise, muttering about why Hanamaru (referred to as ‘Zuramaru’ by Yoshiko) was there. Love Live!

while Kanan and Dia listened from outside the gym.

Lovely♡ I like that confidence. Chika and Riko said the visit had brought them closer to the answer of their question. ~Sailing to the Sunshine~, Aqours First Love Live! With this and help of their school mates, they made it back in time to perform Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru kai? In reply to the other girls’ queries about why she was not nervous to see whether or not they had passed the Love Live! There's a group I like called M!LK and every time I buy a new single he says something like "they should have vinyl, they're way cooler than CD's" and stuff, BUT HOW IN THE HELL I'D PLAY IT? Every Thursday, Takatsuki plays PlayStation 4 for Dengeki PlayStation in their NicoNicoLive Community. Whimpering in the school idol clubroom, Yoshiko explained she knew she was not a fallen angel and wanted to be a normal high school student. Chika couldn’t help but compare Aqours to μ's, and wondered if the school idols she looked up to weren’t regular people after all. The student body cheered her up by showing their support for Aqours through a chant, and finally they all sang together. Meanwhile, You, Yoshiko and Mari started cooking the food.

Sunshine!! The newly-named school idol group Aqours continued to advertise their upcoming concert.

The girls were also shown training by jogging on the western edge of Lake Yamanaka. Being totally honest proved to be a difficult task for You, and she did not know how to express her feelings to Chika. The next day at school, Aqours revisited the issue of a new practice space. Please look forward to it! After all the school idol groups invited had performed, neither Aqours nor Saint Snow were announced as one of the winners. The one year anniversary of Aqours’ 3rd Live Tour is fast approaching, and we are proud to bring you English subs for the entirety of the WONDERFUL STORIES tour! Ehehe♡ Though it's a bit embarrassing, I'm happy my first date is with you--- It puts me slightly more at ease.

Aqours visited Chika’s house to try their new fallen angel themed costumes on, and Riko ended up being chased by Chika’s dog Shiitake.