The cast iron frame provides the rigidity and mass required for both long life and efficient forging. Exclusive Dealer For Australia & New Zealand. Anyang ST is a company specializing in the blacksmith tooling equipment sector, now mainly on power hammer and forging presses. All 55 and 88lb hammers are supplied with bases. Anyang FP since 1956, forging machinery manufacture of forging hammers, forging press, screw press, manipulator etc metal forming machine.Got CE certification exported to … They provide both extreme hard hitting power with complete control of the hitting force without the need for machine adjustment. Contact Anyang Australia Now For All Enquiries And Product Demonstrations anyang blacksmith power forging hammer for sale consists two air cylinders, compression cylinder and working cylinder.The compression cylinder compress air, then deliver compressed air to working cylinder by distribution valve, the compressed air push the piston and hammer to work. However, the split industrial power hammer has a lower failure rate, less noise, and higher productivity than the single type. Anyang Jiahua Forging Press Machinery Manufacturing CO., LTD(power hammer brand as ST Hammer),briefly as Jiahua Machinery, is located in Anyang, one of the largest machinery manufacturing bases in Henan, China, which is also the capital of China's power hammer. ​​Anyang self-contained power hammers are designed for heavy industrial forging. filled with sand or concrete can reduce shake and noise. The piston pin bushing, The Anyang ST Hammers used new material that doesn’t need to change it anymore. Special holder design for oiler, don’t destroy frame casting strength and stop leaking on bolts. All of our forging machinery got CE certification, we have exported our machines to the USA, Canada, UK, France, Norway, Australia, Philippine, Argentina, etc over 30 countries. I believe that you will  see that Anyang provides one of the best "values" in the forging industry. We now have a casting base as an option, which is 2.5 times heavy as the welded base, it offers less vibrating a reduction in noise levels and more efficient with each hammer blow. Professional supply forging tools for blacksmith shop. Anyang is the largest manufacturer of forging equipment in the world. HS Hammer; 55 LB. 33lb w/o base - $3,950 There is the option of purchasing the 33lb hammer with or without a base. Anyang ST power hammer is a self-contained hammer with no need for extra compressor air supply, more solid casting frame integrated air channel, longer ram design than top die not to retract into the cylinder, all function realize through press pedal, more powerful and low noisy, world-famous electronic and easy to be maintained by users. Please advise on cost of hammer and shipping to port at New Orleans, Louisiana USA. We focus on producing Pneumatic Power Hammer and Hydraulic Press for the blacksmith shop professionally. Want price 25 kg anyang powehammer, delivered Oslo Norway.