Yet the driver of the apparatus was 74 (I wish him a full and speedy recovery). Lexipol. A British firefighting union made the accompanying video as a challenge to their government's push for a higher retirement age. Most full-time temporary positions are filled by individuals who already have acquired training and experience through volunteer or part-time positions. Get my EMT certificate work 1-2 seasons as a wildland firefighter then go and get some extra education in wildlife management. The problem with this type of evaluation tool, especially if it is a department-originated policy, is that those who should be evaluated are likely those running the department — quite possibly the chief. The video is quite blunt in its claim that firefighters in their 60s are not as capable of those in their 50s. State and federal agencies such as the Colorado Division of Fire Prevention & Control, U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management also may provide wildland firefighting opportunities, but seldom hire or train individuals with no prior experience. This means you may be dispatched to wildfires as they occur and as the department or agency needs your assistance. I just turned 40 years old and been trying to pursue my career as a paid full time firefighter off and on for the past 20 years with no luck. Copyright © 2020 Copyright 1998-2012,, A property of Southcomm Inc. All times are GMT-5. To meet the minimum wildland firefighter requirements, you must be at least 18 years of age and in good physical condition. But it is something we can expect to see more and more in volunteer departments as our population lives longer and remains active later in life.

Wildland firefighters can get started in this field with just a high school diploma, but will also need to able to pass a physical test. Look for a box or option labeled “Home Page (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari)” or “On Startup (Chrome)”. The mission of the Colorado State Forest Service is to achieve stewardship of Colorado’s diverse forest environments for the benefit of present and future generations. The mandatory retirement is a blessing if you look at the career people who are putting in thier time as a firefighter or law-enforcement.

To increase your opportunities to become a seasonal firefighter, we recommend that you apply to multiple agencies.

To our US Senators and Representatives: I am a Wildland firefighter with 14 years of experience fighting wildfires across the United States and Alaska with the US Forest Service.