THE BiG HONKIN’ “The Defenders Of Stan”-lots of after effects. If the matte was given to you on a video tape, then there's NO POSSIBLE WAY it's carrying an alpha channel, so the Travel Matte Alpha composite mode will not work. Learn how to use the Color, Luma, and Garbage Matte keying effects. When you first apply the Luma Keyer filter to an image layer in Motion, the Luma control displays two handles: a Tolerance handle in the upper right, and a Softness handle in the lower left. Set-Matte is a more versatile and “advanced” way to get the most out of working with mattes. In the sunrise Timeline panel, select the Window Lit layer. You definitely need to use Travel Matte Luma instead. In order to make it work, it needs to utilize the Alpha Matte or Luma Matte function to Cause "Video A" to Scale down while "Video B" is revealed. Render in Place. pink a hand open to green screen - movie curtain stock videos & royalty-free footage. Man working at desk with notebook. I typically use Luma. In this kinda weird case, we can use the matte directly; we just switch the input nodes. Add a pure black (0,0,0) shape to the image, export as a .gif. Alpha blending is also used in 2D computer graphics to put rasterized foreground elements over a background. " Luma Matte In after efects uses the luminance data of the track matte layer (the relative brightness of the red, green, and blue channels combined) as if it were the alpha of the underlying target layer. still you can add mattes with intermediate result. Reverses the order of the background and foreground clips. Flame thrower 3D rendering with alpha matte . The Matte Magic filter lets you manipulate the edges of a matte by shrinking, feathering, and eroding them to improve difficult keys. The resulting colors are not important for the main compositing step as it will only use the alpha-channel, as already mentioned. Well, the text itself has transparency (alpha) so an Alpha matte source would work. - Luma Matte - Luma Inverted Matte Alpha mattes respect any alpha transparency in a piece of media. In order to combine the picture elements of the images correctly, it is necessary to keep an associated matte for each element in addition to its color. Your choice in the Effect settings for the image matte are to use Luma or Alpha. Track matte layer: a solid with a rectangular mask, set to Luma Matte. If you're trying to generate a grayscale matte for a single layer, you can simply solo the layer in its comp, add the comp to the render queue, and use the "Alpha Only" Output Module. Two layers in a 3D group with the upper layer set to Stencil Alpha or Stencil Luma: ... Light Wrap: Takes bright areas from the background layer at the edge of the matte and blurs them into the foreground layer. Fill layer: a solid with a pattern effect.