Civilian performance appraisal ratings as required by Air Force Instruction (AFI) 36-1001, Managing the Civilian Performance Program. Although Airmen don't write their own EPRs, they are expected to keep track of their accomplishments and provide a list of EPR inputs when it's time for EPRs. - Analyzed Wg Emer Mgmt/ATSO prgm; ID'd AB defense shortfalls to 3AF--enhanced FP & protected 5K Amn, - Coord'd w/ HHQ & Honduran agencies; spt'd JTF-B/SOUTHCOM msns; implemented OIs & approved policy, - Delivered 31 FW Msn Director C2; provided F-16 armed overwatch escort--secured COCOM's strategic obj's, - Direct'd 24/7 spt of CENTAM's only C-5 capable rwy; ensured safe/expeditious movement w/in 7-nation AOR, - Directed 31 FW NAOC initiatives; spt'd Nat'l Cmd Authority/CJCS--prepped emergency war order measures, - Drove EUCOM EAM proj; relocated sole ground station & enabled new satellite acquisition--saved Wg $73K, - Drove Sq UTC availability; tracked 574 prsnl/critical positions--ensured accurate AEF reporting to MAJCOM, - Drove USAF/HN trng tm; liaised w/Italian commissioning boards--six certs/incr'd fac supv'r manning by 50%, - Engnr'd 24hr contingency posture; secured int'l ATC spt for POTUS acft--enabled US's C2 capes & G7 Summit, - Formulated COCOM/NATO spt capes; provided strike & conventional guidance--postured Wg for msn rqmnts, - Guided 29-mbr DTRA/EUCOM tm; ID'd 56 mission-critical vulnerabilities--protected FW msn & 7417 sorties, - Guided JTF-B's firefighting air spt; coor'd HN's rqmnts--3 villages/500 prsnl & $150K crit antenna field saved, - Led ATC svcs for two F-16 sqs w/52 acft worth $1.92B; moved 22K pax/6.5K cargo tons--zero ATC mishaps, - Led JTF-B flt in Flt/CC absence; 52 prsnl/6 AFSCs/4M sq ft afld--secured flawless ops/spt for HN's President, - Led NATO intel sharing prj; secured $45K--facilitated Op ATLANTIC RESOLVE threat analysis & target ID, - Led US Embassy, Rome AFOSI C2 spt; restored counter intel sys--19 terror operatives ID'd/3 attacks thwarted, - Managed Global Hawk comm link; 118 msns/35K ISR images--provided AFRICOM & NATO tgt verification, - Mng'd 612 ABS afld ops; meshed SOUTHCOM msn w/Army & Honduran spec ops trng--70 jt trps jump qual'd, - Mng'd dplmnt ISO Nuc Surety Ex; prcs'd 60 prsnl/42 tons/coord'd w/ 7 agencies--6 pilots/5 wpns crews cert'd, - Mng'd RED FLAG & IRON HAND ops; enabled 16 ftr acft/412 sorties--sharpened US & NATO air cmbt cape, - Orchestrated 2-day POTUS G7 NAOC op; led 27 POCs/beddown 85 alert prsnl--secured nat'l security COOP, - Orchestrated Active Shooter event; coord'd w/ SFS/sched'd 180 Amn--boosted Sq global response cap's >36%, - Org'd "1st ever" USAF/HN PDS; mentored 17 mbrs of Honduran govt agency on ldrshp--incr'd int'l partnership, - Overhauled crit Close Air Spt Ops OI; ID'd ambiguous guidance/res'd ctrl conflicts--honed Wg's spec ops trng, - Oversaw ATC svcs; aided DoD & int'l humanitarian & Counter-Transnational Organized Crime (CTOC) msns, - Oversaw RED FLAG North MRT; redirected 8 pax travel <4 hrs--ensured boots on grnd <1 day/acft recovery, - Postured NATO Strike Eval ops cntr; programmed 19 VoIP's--enhanced real-time battlefield info/combat trng, - Postured tm for int'l msn; fused 31 FW w/Dutch helo msns & led ATC/afld hazard brief--honed NATO alliance, - Primed USMC TF C2 rqmts; bolstered AFRICOM crisis resp force--sptd evacuation of 230 US Embassy prsnl, - Procured alt ATC fac; secured $93K/ID'd rqmnts & coor'd installs--expanded Wg's contingency & ATC capes, - Revamped FW BASH Pln; fused HQ mandates w/afld & ATC rqmnts--ensured compliance/streamlined coor'd, - Rpr'd inst barrier pln; ID'd 3 crit points/fused rqmnts w/Army/HN needs--incr'd Soto Cano AB's safety stance, - Shaped historic extradition msn; dev'd/coord'd ATC ops w/Embassy/helos...CENTAM drug lord in US custody, - Spearheaded Ex INIOHOS dplmnt; readied 139 pax/169 ston cargo--secured NATO jt/trilateral cmbt trng ops, - Supv'd interservice trng ops; integrated 8 US Army acft w/31 FW msn--1K paratroopers qlfy'd/zero msn delays. Read this thread before posting or using data in this forum. All acronyms used on the EPR will be defined in Section VI on AF910 or Section, official website for Air Force e-Publishing. separate EPR form (AF Form 912) for chief master sergeants was published in May.