Get onto the boat. When you exit out of the river leaving the ice kingdom and can go west to the Candy Kingdom, you'll probably see a blue light as if there's a side quest, but it's actually just where you drop off the penguins when you find them. On the way to the next objective I got the achievement for grabbing 25 things in the sea, so you'll likely be close too. Follow the path past the shop to find a penguin, and take him back to the ship. When you return it you'll finish the quest and get an achievement. I killed the other two, used a Used Tissue on the level 10 gnome, and then used Jake's cyclone and Finn's Ice Sword to put 2 status effects on him, earning an achievement. Cross the bridge and take the right fork to a fight. Continue along the path to find another kid near the shop. Once the hands are down you can attack the actual boss. Then defeat the Mother Varmint Boxx and complete the side quest, Gate … Now, the side quest you just got is to destroy the 10 pieces of junk near the island. As I'm sure you can tell from the scene, it's boss time. You'll see an unlit torch on the right near a red circle, light it with the brazier like we did the others near the core. Then jump across the rocks nearby to find him and be back near the start. As you sail out you'll be told to press to use BMO's sonar ability, do so and follow the big columns of light. Backtrack to where the Fire Princess is, follow the road south and you'll see a story objective straight ahead. community members have thanked the author. Use BMO's analyze in this fight for an achievement. Every time you hit him with an attack, he will get a shield that reduces damage of that type. Drop them off at the blue light next to the Candy Kingdom dock. In this guide in progress, you’ll see tips and hints on how to complete all the puzzles and save the kingdom of Ooo. There's no way to partially remove either to be able to go back and get the rest of either! There's also a chest to the left of the sack. The first fight is easy (try to finish it with full energy), but the second one has 3 level 8 enemies. Follow the tutorial until you block, and make sure you don't kill any of them. 100% Guides 6,974 views To the south is some red circles, use the one closest to you to get 3 apples, and then use the other red circle. When you reach a red circle head up with Jake. This walkthrough is the property of Destroy the smelly pods nearby (there are 4) and then destroy the vines to the northeast and use the red circle with Jake to get across. I leveled it up and used it a lot to start fights off if I had the energy. I found she kept spawning after I hit her with the cannon. Then press to cloak and then go past the guy and the gate, and go left to find the shop. and its users have no affiliation with any of this game's creators or copyright holders and any trademarks used herein belong to their respective owners. To finish it you simply need to kill the Kraken. The first one is right by the house in front of the tree (you may have to hit the tree to make it appear). Get off the boat at Candy Island. Open the map and you'll see a blue "?" Swift Claws is an absolutely silly ability that does a ton of damage, and the upgraded versions are even better. Go into the circle with Finn and press , these are pirate lookouts. You want to upgrade it fully every time you level up. After that follow the road to the entrance and head toward your boat. Leave and head to the Fire Island and go to the core room where Flame Princess is for a scene. Adventure Time Pirates Of The Enchiridion ALL SPECIAL ABILITY LOCATIONS (ALL ENCHIRIDION PAGES) - Duration: 9:50. You'll get an achievement after you win. Remember you can only carry 6 candy kids/penguins at a time) These enemies that look like a box have an attack that can hit your entire party and, when hit, will gain defense against more attacks of that type. I found one near Matchbook Island, (a bit northwest of it) and another one west of that. This section is pretty simple, the path is pretty linear. Up here you should see some enemies, one of them will be level 4. Before moving on upgrade BMO, as he joins as a level 2 with a mere 200 HP. As you leave the core, grab one of the braziers with fire on it, and head north along the road. As an aside, the reason we didn't do this earlier if that if you finish the quest by the enemies with Marci, you'll lose the ability to cloak and will have to fight the big guy, who is level 7 and will roll you. In the game, the Candy Kingdom is in danger to be flooded by the melting Ice Kingdom. Head there now to find the Badlands. © 2020 TrueGaming Network Ltd, All Rights Reserved. Once you have that done head back to the Ice Kingdom, the first kingdom we went to in the game. A river of radioactive sludge that flowed through the kingdom was in the process of being buried under candy. The road will lead to another road, follow it south. Follow the path nearby to where it breaks and then turns left past a tree. Head back to your party outside the fort, cloaking to get past the guards the same way you just did. This page was last edited on 19 February 2019, at 21:52. You'll switch to Marci, cloak and go past the first guy, then wait until the invis wears off. When you reach the second cake look to the left for another side quest. Cross the bridge and go a tiny bit forward and look to the left for the next pod. The turn after the boss uses the POWER "attack" he will use a super attack and his back will be turned, and your basic attacks will do incredible damage (mine were doing about 2000). Now return to Firebreak Island and talk to the side quest giver near the beginning. Now continue forward. This was because the sludge could easily harm or even mutate individuals who made contact with it, as was in the case of Shoko. Use the left dock and then go forward to a fork, and then take the right path. Now you need to save BMO and Candy Kingdom. Instead follow the road back to the first area. Take it to the boat and then keep following the path. Now leave with the portal. If you press , you can switch to the skills screen and level up character's skills. Kill the enemies then pull the block the cutscene highlighted, and use Jake to go inside. Head up the next small hill to get the last apple. You'll have a scene and then your first fight. There's a boss fight coming up so heal everyone and buy any upgrades you want. You'll need to collect 4 sugar packs, and the game points out where they are with a scene. You'll be shown the upgrade screen. Here's a picture of where I found her. If this is the case for you, you'll snag an achievement for doing so. Go right here and go forward and approach the door until you get a scene. © 2006-2020 PlayStation Universe, All Rights Reserved. The first one southeast of the quest giver has 2 enemies by it. Go straight southwest to the next island, Matchbook Island. Follow the path to a fork and take the right path. You can sneak past this first group of enemies or fight them. The side quest is for finding 10 kids throughout the world, and we'll work on it as we go. You'll find the 2nd core on the way. From here backtrack to the 3rd switch we had to hit, and you'll see a gate you can open with BMO. Since the sonar path is gone here's a picture of the place where you can get through the steam vents, so you can go back to the upper half of the map. Once you win you get this achievement. He also has two enemies with him. Once you've destroyed all 10 you'll finish the quest and get an achievement. On the map, you'll now be able to see treasure chests since you activated the pirate lookout, but a lot of them can't be opened until we get the other 2 party members, so don't worry about it for now. I've read the pirate ship spawns can glitch out, so we're going to deal with them all now. Instead, follow the coast of Fire Island around the east side until you reach Firebreak Island and dock there. It will take you to Fire Island, but we don't want to go there quite yet. You need to activate them all for an achievement. I only leveled Finn's Ice Sword for a few levels, because I eventually only used other character's skills.Anyway, from the fight go forward to reach a fork. You can use the money you've been collecting to upgrade stats. At the end of the path is a chest with BMO's Gamebreakers skill, use BMO to open the nearby gate and head back up the ramp toward the castle. Attack the red one first, since he is a higher level. You'll also get the Dogerang special ability for Jake, which is worth leveling up. You'll have to face some enemies on the way back. Continue right until you see a break in the balcony and jump down. You'll want to focus on the one with a pirate hat first. Smack the tree south of the hill with Jake to get an apple. You may have noticed steam vents in the south part of the map (or heard it when they mention it in cutscenes) and we can finally pass by them, kinda. Head northwest to find a spot where you can use Marci's ability to become invisible, but first head up the hill and get the chest on the right. As for the invisibility, it seems to last about 7-8 seconds. Switch to BMO and enter the hole from the scene. You'll find 2 easy to kill enemies here. Health, Accuracy, and Attack are important. You'll now need to jump from platform to platform. Inflict more than 1 bunk effect on to a single enemy. First, stop by Evil Forest. If not you'll probably get a chance to do it later. The chest has the Night Sword skill for Finn. I'm not entirely sure what triggered it, but while I was breaking objects by the house on your left I got a scene with a snail and unlocked this achievement. This will reveal the chest and give you an achievement. You'll reach the last pirate lookout, activate it with Finn to get an achievement. Once the fight is done you'll get an achievement. I did this. You'll notice a bar above each skill, which increases as you level it up. Either way, fight the enemies near the big guardian from the scene and then you'll be placed in a different part of the island. You'll also get this achievement when you go back to the world map. Open the cage nearby that has a red lock button with BMO active to get an achievement. Then wait for it to go away and use it again to sneak past the big guy and leave this spot. The Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchridion walkthrough is based on the new third-person puzzle adventure from Climax Studios.