Trận a sầu was waged in early 1966 during the vietnam war between the peoples army of vietnam pavn and the forces of the united states and south vietnamthe battle began on march 9 and lasted until march 10 with the fall of the us.

Again I fell in love with the tropics and spent my working life living on Maui The whole valley : Old French airstrip: Seen from FSB Blaze: Recon In Force: Return to Home Page. This is also the reason US launched operations such as Delaware, Apache Snow and Dewey Canyon with the purposes of driving PAVN out of the valley and destroying its logistics and communications centers. The battle was a strategic victory for the pavn in that they were able to. Located in Thua Thien Province about 65 kilometers west of Hue along the Laotian border, the valley is easily reachable over day from Hue. Your email address will not be published. During the early years of the war, US troops established three special forces camps to cover the southern and center parts of the valley. It was so beautiful and so dangerous The A Shau valley (Vietnamese: thung lũng A Sầu) is a valley in Vietnam's, Thừa Thiên province, west of the coastal city of Huế, along the border of Laos.The valley runs north and south for twenty-five miles and is a mile-wide flat bottomland covered with tall elephant grass, flanked by two strings of densely forested mountains that vary from three to six thousand feet. The a shau valley is a valley in vietnam. Where the site of Ta Bat is inundated large parts fo the year, Camp Ashau is a great visit and it is also possible to walk down the old runway at Aluoi Airfield. A shau valley vietnam map. I to was with the 101 st. 1/327.

Even just disabling your adblocker will help its only text and plain image ads i promise. The mission also included establishment and construction of firebases, helicopter and artillery revetments, and other facilities along the route which went over and through the dissected landscape of mountains and small valleys.

Spent lots of time humping the mountains Army and army of the republic of vietnam arvn forces against peoples army of vietnam pavn forces from 10 to 20 may 1969 during operation apache snowalthough the heavily fortified hill 937 was of little strategic value us. Required fields are marked *, Discovering the hidden places from the Vietnam War, Copyright © 2020 Vietnam War Travel — Activation WordPress theme by. This valley was key terrain for the north vietnamese and one of the norths major supply lines into the south for much of the war.

The mountains sides were riddled with anti-aircraft installations in order to keep the US choppers and bombers out. I’ll post a link here for you. I have created maps of layton lake district hirschfelden hunting reserve and medved taiga showing the best locations f... Resource map explorer map. The materials in this gallery are devoted to operations which took place in the a shau valley.