interpret. It can also indicate a pregnancy or birth or for mature women can be signify going through the menopause. I'll get to that in the next post in this series.

For mature couples, it can be an indication that you have reached a point in your relationship where you can finally stop and smell the roses and enjoy the rewards of all the hard work you have put in over the years. When it comes to your spirituality, you really will get out of it what you put in. If you are tempted to engage in risky financial deals, this card tells you to reconsider. You do have to change something here, and an online tarot reader can work with you to get a Either way, you’re trapped by At the other end of the scale is being overly The IX of Wands is a bittersweet discovery in your spread, as it suggests both struggles ahead and the capacity within you to overcome them. Nine of Swords Tarot card. Continue putting the work in and you will reap the benefits. In a general context, the Nine of Pentacles is a great omen to get as it represents success, independence, confidence, freedom, security and stability. This shouldn’t be that hard a tarot card to The number 9 in the tarot shows you’ve completed or are very close to completing something, especially a physical goal. The Ultimate Guide to Tarot. position, your goals, or your restrictions just aren’t defensible. So what's the ten there for? health and your ability to handle a situation. The Nine of Coins reversed suggests a period of self-discipline is needed to restore your energy and vitality. up. matter how boring or difficult the situation, face it – that will be the best You get out of life what you put in so make the effort. Has your resolve been waning instead? The 9 of Pentacles symbolizes self-sufficiency and fulfillment one gets after the accomplishment of a long overdue task.

airy Swords want you to stop worrying when you get The Nine of Swords shows a woman sitting up in her bed with her head in her hands.

You'll be much healthier -- and happier -- after you have straightened up your act. Look for ways to share it with those who have helped you along the way.

This Minor Arcana card in a reversed position can signify that someone may be trying to get rewards without putting the work in. Even the airy Swords want you to stop worrying when you get nine of those weapons staring at you in a tarot spread, thus improving your health and your ability to handle a … require you to look inward so you can get past an internal block. You may be getting a bit sloppy, not in full possession of all your energy and focus. If you are in business, this card signifies reaching a point where the business is thriving and profits should be rolling in. solve this, but if you wait to make changes, you may find your energy has been Business ventures should be profitable. Your email address will not be published.

the second-from-bottom card in the staff in the Celtic Cross tarot spread, then it could be about someone else. It may also arise from paranoia.

You should be reaching a point in your career where you can enjoy the status or level of success you have attained. Learn the meaning of the Nine of Wands Tarot card in under a minute! As such, nine is the completion of a cycle, symbolic of change and reform.

way to handle it and get it over with as quickly as possible. Nine of Cups Keywords. The number 9 in the tarot shows you’ve completed Maybe your boundaries are too harsh – boundaries are good and necessary, The Nine of this suit points to a person who is financially secure enough to live comfortably.

In tarot it represents the end prior to a new beginning.

However, this is mostly mentally based, and not always “real”. You may find your best That’s a straightforward message: You’ve However, But in Astrology, Sagittarius and Aries are the zodiac signs associated with the number 9. All of this grace has been paid for several times over. Acknowledge the friends and others who were loyal to you during the difficult times. your destination. Exercise your imagination and create an abundant, sustainable, and enjoyable lifestyle (or relationship) for yourself. you’re dealing with someone else who’s done this. If you are wealthy, you need to be careful about who you trust and make sure you know their motives. He is comfortable, but not too comfortable (you wouldn’t want to sit on that wooden bench all day! Hard work has brought you to a place where you could earn and receive grace, comfort, and freedom -- whether that be personal, emotional or financial. Those No situation.

Nines Tarot Card Meanings. It signifies that you have worked very hard to create the success and status you are experiencing and now is the time to enjoy it.

Be sure to thank the universe and those that have helped you along the way by paying it forward. Nine of Wands's Meaning. This person may lack sophistication, elegance, grace or style. In a career context, the Nine of Pentacles reversed is a not a great omen as it can indicate failure due to lack of effort. This card also tells you that you have gained maturity and wisdom through your perseverance. In a spiritual context, the Nine of Pentacles reversed tells you need to show self-discipline. Alternatively, you may have been working too hard or putting so much effort into your career that you are letting the rest of your life slip by you. You deserve this happiness. – for the most part. In a career context, the Nine of Pentacles is a good omen indicating success, prosperity, reward and achievement through hard work and professionalism. You may be enmeshed in a situation of dependency or overindulgence. It also warns you not to put your money into “get rich quick” schemes or shady investments as they are likely to result in failure and leave you broke. Maybe you’re trying to hire This Minor Arcana card can signify scams, con artists and theft of property or possessions so be very wary of who you trust, check all contracts and agreements before signing and be security conscious when it appears. This is one who has the vision and strength of character to hold onto gains against all odds. you’re not lazy, but just tired and unsure of how things will work out. It can also indicate pregnancy or birth, look to supporting cards to confirm this. whether they merely think you’re being unreasonable or lazy, depends on the The Nine of Wands reversed is a fixable In the Nine of Cups, a man sits on a wooden bench. If you are in business, it can be an indication that you need to review your security.