Marine Corps Communication-Electronics School I want something with intelligence. 2. Any specific MOS that can get me into jump school. On the officer side, you could be an 0602 Communications Officers and be in charge of a platoon of 0621’s. Fort Knox, KY Or if you're just totally not into college stuff, use Tuition Assistance to knock out every certification you can. I’m looking into applying for OCC in the future. Yes, you can deploy with a Marine Expeditionary Unit which will have you working on a ship for about a year. That’s why you’ll see old Gunnery Sergeants with full sleeves on both arms! I’m trying to see if I should not waste my time applying for Officer, considering my past history, and go enlisted instead. My question to you sir; would my criminal record (no violent charges/felonies/heinous crimes) affect my career down the line in the Marine Corps. and 2) Planning It’s my understanding that I can’t do JAG or go to law school until after I’ve served active duty for five years. Is there any officer jobs that deal with MWD? Marine recruits begin their time in the military branch at basic training, or boot camp. Best advice there is to do them every day. The benefits included with monthly pay in the U.S. Marine Corps is very good: You can find relevant job reviews for Marine Corps Aircraft Maintenance Administration Specialist (MOS 6046) on There’s no officer MOS related to language learning. Here are the MINIMUM test scores you need to apply (you only need to take one): SAT: 1000 Combination of Math and Critical Reading Only Officers who work in the finance section coordinate military pay and travel, while the comptroller side consists of budgeting, accounting and leading internal reviews. Sir, are there MOS’s in the Officer Corps that promote faster than others? I’ve worked with Aviation Maintenance officers before and they mainly deal with tracking maintenance, briefing higher ups, and figuring out how to get parts. prerequisites, physical standards, limitations, preparatory material etc. FEMALE MARINES WITH THE MOS OF 13XX WILL NOT BE ASSIGNED TO COMBAT ASSAULT OR THE COMBAT ENGINEER BATTALIONS, PENDING THE RESULTS OF THE MARINE CORPS FORCE INTEGRATION PLAN (MCFIP) RESEARCH EFFORTS. In my class of 200 we had 1 person get Quantico. If I decide I do not not want to stay in, I still want to become an officer, but I want a MOS that will help me get a really good job outside of the military. Education. I don’t think I could offer a valuable opinion. I’m not sure whether I want to be in the Marine Corp my entire career or just stay in for a little bit. If it comes back approved then you are good to go. As a new LT that has not yet reported to TBS but is being required by MOL to give a primary MOS, what do I put? What else would be a good choice. PERSONNEL & ADMINISTRATION: OCCUPATIONAL FIELD 01, MARINE AIR GROUND TASK FORCE PLANS: OCCUPATIONAL FIELD 05, ENGINEER, CONSTRUCTION, FACILITIES, AND EQUIPMENT: OCCUPATIONAL FIELD 13, CYBERSPACE OPERATIONS: OCCUPATIONAL FIELD 17, TANK & ASSAULT AMPHIBIOUS VEHICLE: OCCUPATIONAL FIELD 18, GROUND ORDNANCE MAINTENANCE: OCCUPATIONAL FIELD 21, AMMUNITION AND EXPLOSIVE ORDNANCE DISPOSAL: OCCUPATIONAL FIELD 23, SIGNALS INTELLIGENCE/GROUND ELECTRONIC WARFARE: OCCUPATIONAL FIELD 26, GROUND ELECTRONICS MAINTENANCE: OCCUPATIONAL FIELD 28, SUPPLY ADMINISTRATION & OPERATIONS: OCCUPATIONAL FIELD 30, DISTRIBUTION MANAGEMENT: OCCUPATIONAL FIELD 31, FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: OCCUPATIONAL FIELD 34, COMMUNICATION STRATEGY AND OPERATIONS: OCCUPATIONAL FIELD 45, CHEMICAL, BIOLOGICAL, RADIOLOGICAL AND NUCLEAR (CBRN) DEFENSE: OCCUPATIONAL FIELD 57, MILITARY POLICE, INVESTIGATIONS AND CORRECTIONS: OCCUPATIONAL FIELD 58, COMMAND AND CONTROL (C2) ELECTRONICS MAINTENANCE: OCCUPATIONAL FIELD 59, AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE: OCCUPATIONAL FIELD 60, AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE (ROTARY-WING): OCCUPATIONAL FIELD 61, AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE (FIXED-WING): OCCUPATIONAL FIELD 62, ORGANIZATIONAL AVIONICS MAINTENANCE: OCCUPATIONAL FIELD 63, INTERMEDIATE AVIONICS MAINTENANCE: OCCUPATIONAL FIELD 64, AVIATION LOGISTICS: OCCUPATIONAL FIELD 66, METEOROLOGY AND OCEANOGRAPHY (METOC): OCCUPATIONAL FIELD 68, AIR CONTROL/AIR SUPPORT/ANTIAIR WARFARE/AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL: OCCUPATIONAL FIELD 72, ENLISTED FLIGHT CREWS: OCCUPATIONAL FIELD 73, About MOS: Military Occupational Specialties. Thank you for you replies. However, all officers will likely act as investigators early on in their careers. Best of luck! One guy I knew in admin finished a four year degree in two fuckin years (from scratch). What are the pros and cons of infantry Officer and aviation and which one of these two Mo’s do you reccomend in terms of leadership and command. If I do stay in my entire career, I want to be a MARSOC officer. All three require you to be selected to attend the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA; this is a competitive process, so not all officers get this opportunity. I’m trying to get into the U.S. Air Support Control Officers Course what percentage do I need to pass the asvab for officer Military Police, or Infantry Officer. Advanced Flight Training The primary functions of these MOSs include directing the interception of hostile aircraft and coordinating employment of surface-to-air-missiles, coordinating air support missions and directing activities related to air traffic control and airspace management. 12 weeks, Scout Sniper Platoon Commander Course When did Communication Officer MOS change from 2502 to 0602 and why the change? Hello, Will that help my chances of getting selected? As a Scout Sniper Platoon Commander, your primary duty is as a Ground Intelligence Officer. Also, are there certain MOS’s that will lead to a higher chance of being stationed in the US? Is there a way to still become a pilot even if I wear glasses or should I just give up and look for another career goal? Pensacola, FL Airfields are a product of many different MOSs. Are there any officer MOSs in Motor T?