Why? The fact is that it has always been the mantra of most in mainstream medicine and public health that vaccination is necessary to prevent epidemics by establishing herd immunity. They will leave no stone unturned in their efforts to achieve their goals, even if it requires subterfuge, lawbreaking, and perhaps genocide. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Being excellent as a Coach is useless if the conduct requires Counselor. You must learn how to motivate people who don’t want to be motivated. Counselor is the better approach with ‘below-standard’ and the conduct needs to be confronted. This is part of the reason MRSA became ubiquitous. What people will allow themselves to be subjected to in the name of safety and comfort never ceases to amaze me. Hard controls includes the use of tools such as hand-cuffs, while soft controls equates to empty hand above, describing techniques where the officer may engage a resisting detainee. Impressive talent as a Counselor is futile if the performance calls for Mentor. This creates an ideal opportunity for unscrupulous individuals to lull an unsuspecting populace into a false sense of security while simultaneously usurping their freedoms. It also will depend on the circumstances of the situation. Train them in real-world, practical talent development. Rick Sanchez, you son of a bitch. In all use of force continuum models, the actions of the subject is classified in order for the officer to quickly determine what level of force is authorized and may be necessary to apprehend or compel compliance from the individual. Law of War, Rules of Engagement, and Escalation of Force Guide, Marine Corps Center for Lessons Learned. What would your choice be? Officer presence – the professionalism, uniform, and utility belt of the law enforcement officer and the marked vessel or vehicle the officer arrives in. It does not require a stroke of genius to recognize that there is something else at play in this now all-too-familiar drama. Sometimes however, open-ended questions can be more like open-ended instructions: “Tell me more” “Explain that to me”. Enjoy! The sudden appearance of a new vaccine on the scene in record time, obviously without long-term testing and clinical experience, raises some serious questions that I cannot even begin to address without writing a book on the subject. There have been deaths associated with this phenomenon. Role model excellence. Referral to resources. They will merely spread them out over a longer period of time – thus flattening the curve and thereby keeping hospitals and urgent care facilities from becoming overloaded. The verbal command and the consequence must be legal and not considered excessive according to the continuum. Yet there are those who will continually challenge this notion, whether it is to achieve their eugenicist agenda or to profit from the mass dissemination of a vaccine. A very large percentage of these have not been used even to this date and, ironically, in those cases where COVID-19 patients were incubated, only 10 percent survived. Item #2: Every SSBO [and every executive, manager or supervisor] tends to favour one approach more than the other two. Now how are you going to take the concept from idea to execution?” “The way you calmed down that angry customer over the phone was impressive; professional and very effective. It is really that simple. The problem is with the vaccine components. Bright Learning App, a one-stop learning platform for Middle East CBSE students. Gain mastery of the 6 Step Strategic People Management Model and you can contribute to all four areas of body, heart, mind and spirit; theirs as well as yours. Yet, the R0 value for measles and other viral diseases are several times that of COVID-19, but during outbreaks of those diseases no one ever dreamed of instituting social distancing or lockdowns to manage them, nor can it be said that failure to do so resulted in a high mortality rate. You get the idea. They tend to idolize medical experts, exalt government leadership, and often rely exclusively on the narratives espoused by mainstream media outlets that are highly politicized and fundamentally mercenary in nature. Fauci and Birx are obviously intelligent individuals who surely must recognize the psychosocial, economic, and logistical ramifications of even entertaining such policies. Consciously or subconsciously, people decide how much of themselves they will give to their work depending on how they are treated and on their opportunities to use all four parts of their nature. Contrivance definition is - a thing contrived; especially : a mechanical device. Be aware of pre-existing paradigms, positive or negative, in order to keep any emotional judgments to a minimum. It is a fait accompli — a successful dissemination of a large and carefully constructed fabrication that came in under the radar. Nowadays, however, most medical practitioners will utilize CT scans, often without reservation, to diagnose disease. Having the freedom to engage in physical closeness – handshakes, hugs, and the like, is an essential human need. Implementation of each step with strong, diligent professionalism and skill will elevate them from the lower levels of compliance and bring out the very best they have to offer. Masterful influencers engage in true conversations, genuine dialogue and professionally follow the give and take that engages the other person at a deeper level than just being talked at. You are seeking to probe for understanding not looking for someone to blame for not understanding. That is, there are a lot of politics at play in your organization; there is nepotism; the pay system doesn’t seem fair and just; your own pay does not accurately reflect the level of your contribution. Ironically, there is yet another side to the aforementioned anomaly that goes even deeper. Get information and get suggestions from the under-performing person. The sad truth about many in our country today is that they are naive and highly impressionable. Ignoring less than acceptable levels of performance encourages continuation of the poor behaviour. The question that must be asked then, is why would any public health agency require or even suggest that masks be worn if there is a tendency for this to increase the risk of infection? Do a little of Coach and Mentor and Counselor at every interaction and you’ll forever be condemned to “throw enough mud against the wall and some of it will stick”. So what’s the direct connection between the controlling “thing” (part-person paradigm) that dominates today’s workplace and the inability of managers and organizations to inspire their people to volunteer their highest talents and contributions? Go beyond getting information on the issue and get feedback on how you dealt with the issue. Of course, it does leave open the opportunity for its proponents to advocate for the administration of repeated doses, or booster shots, at regular intervals. Both halo effect and gruesome bias are either stimulated by emotion or can be a trigger which will stimulate emotion. Decades ago, prior to performing dental x-rays, dentists would ask their patients if they had received a chest x-ray within the past six months. Speak less. Everyone tends to favour one model over the others as their preferred style. The mantra of Contrivance is to help each and every single student in winning and achieving the desired goal. That is, you are not respected; the treatment you receive is inconsistent, arbitrary, capricious, perhaps largely dictated by the mood of your boss. At least, that is what we were led to believe. Soon after the session you’ll want to have a meeting with the mentor in your Coach capacity and use open ended questions to maximize effectiveness: “What worked well?” “Which part seemed easier than expected?” “I was impressed at how well you explained the sequence of the process. Consider Ebola, for example. Heistatron double-crosses Rick and orders its crew to heist Heist Con. After give be open to get. Catch them doing it right; notice it and comment on it with sincere specific praise. While attempting a tomb-raiding expedition on an alien planet, Rick and Morty discover that they've been beaten to the prize by professional heist organizer Miles Knightly. Strategically decide which approach has the greater probability of getting buy in from the person being influenced and stick to it for enough time to allow them to get it. Behaviour not confronted will never change. Contrivance: The use of skill to bring something about or create something. All one has to do is to consider the consequences resulting from the measures that have been employed to supposedly mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Not only about them, not only about the conflict, problem or issue but also about you. One would reasonably expect that the leadership at NIH, CDC, and DHHS should be well aware of these facts.The last and greatest fallacy in what has become an apparent charade is the development and implementation of a vaccine for COVID-19. In light of the facts on the record, any reasonable and prudent person would surmise that there must be something else driving these policies – policies that are now adversely impacting hundreds of millions. While nations have survived pandemics and loss of life before throughout history without irreversible consequences, the current disruption of social norms through scientifically unproven methodologies and unrestrained authoritarianism has already caused irreparable damage, not to mention the needless death toll which has, not surprisingly, exceeded that of COVID-19. The race for a dubiously effective vaccine is being motivated by money and a long-standing covert political agenda. I can only hope and pray that the misled will wake up before it is too late. Repeated behaviour is rewarded behaviour [or, at the very least. Imagine that — altering the very underpinnings of a society without even a whimper from those who are being victimized. It was Patrick Henry who said, “give me liberty or give me death” in a speech he made to the Second Virginia Convention on March 23, 1775 highlighting the vital importance of freedom from oppression. Wearing masks for extended periods of time can be hazardous to your health. Rather, they are working with mathematical, computer-based models and hypothetical scenarios. Many physicians even advised against the use of ventilators and questioned the reasoning behind their mass production after the Defense Production Act was invoked. Morty is unable to explain the idea for his heist movie with any real enthusiasm, because his last adventure has deconstructed the heist genre so thoroughly that its tropes now seem hollow and silly. Don’t be nostalgic about your photos “Photographers deal in things which are continually vanishing and when they have vanished there is no contrivance on … Adults are being systematically deprived of the intimacy associated with interpersonal relationships that characterize daily life. After all, we are tactile creatures. If you remove the blinders long enough to take an objective look at the wreckage that has been wrought by these unprecedented draconian measures, the only possible conclusion one can reach is that there is an agenda behind it all that has little to do with a virus.