Looks like we're allmissing something here. Unique and a 255 gr. The second high pressure Cor-Bon load is uses a 300 grain Jacketed Soft Point bullet at a MV of 1300 fps and ME of 1126 ft. lbs. Now consider what would have happened if I had been bold (and imprudent) enough to load reloads that were intentionally 50% over pressure? "The loads Speer developed (for the .45LC Blackhawk and Contender) are roughly halfway between standard .45 Colt and .44 Magnum pressures. The latter mould is a HP version that can cast solids too. The Speer Reloading Manual No. Guns in .45 Colt that are built on heavy duty frames, such as the Ruger, Freedom Arms, Colt Anaconda, and Thompson-Center Contender will handle this load with authority. And the hardness of a bullet's jacket and core influences pressure. NEVER use any high pressure .45 Colt load in a S&W revolver. The Hornady Handbook, 3rd Edition, says only that the pressures of their loads for the Ruger and T/C "are slightly higher than the earlier Colt revolvers or their replicas can withstand." My copy of the Sierra Handgun Reloading Manual makes this blunt statement in the first paragraph of their section devoted to high pressure .45 Colt loads. They are not to be used in any other make or model of firearm! These have been in continuous service for two decades and have loaded thousands upon thousands of heart warming .45 Colt loads. This load figures prominently in future hunting plans. When I started loading the 45 Colt, I wanted to keep it simple, seeing I have many different loads for all other calibers I load. These cases were used with standard pressure reloads only. My purpose is to present what I hope is a balanced and responsible view, not to promote or condemn the use of all such loads. 8.0grs Unique with a 250 to 255gr bullet is a factory duplication load. The reloading manuals that list these restricted loads are pretty coy about the actual pressures involved in such loads. Both of these pistols are of stronger construction than any of the other makes chambered for the .45 Colt cartridge.". Even Federal .45 Colt brass lasts only about half as long as magnum brass. (No two chronographs seem to give identical results.). The reason is that the Model 29 is made from special alloy steel specially heat treated to withstand .44 Magnum pressures. Clearly, FOR BLACKHAWK AND CONTENDER ONLY means just that! I get the best accuracy right there. It was in a friend's gun with supposedly normal pressure handloads using 255 grain cast lead bullets. But what if I had been loading SAAMI maximum pressure loads? But there was no lasting harm done to the gun or me. The 7.5 seems a bit light and the 9.0 doesn't "feel" hot. These loads take the 250 grain Hornady JHP bullet to maximum muzzle velocities of 1300-1350 fps, depending on the kind of powder used.