Not antelope hunting, just scouting.

as Red Dot, in very small doses. Called-in wild turkeys vary from the hot tom throwing caution to the wind to that cautious bird lingering at the century mark.

Consider, of course, that my front yard faces thousands of acres of uninhabited territory.

Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife, State Agency:

I'm crying !!! Speer’s TNT 50-grain .224 bullet pushed by 13-grain Lil’ Gun retains sufficient pasta, even at 300 yards, to make Rancher Harry happy with a reduction of livestock-tripping prairie dog holes. It’s faster than the .22 WMR, but slower We have two 1/16" twist hornets so have already done the leg work finding out what shoots good.
The fact that this 1930 baby falls well behind the scintillating .22 centerfires is exactly why the cartridge has never died. Georgia Department of Natural Resources, State Agency: But I wouldn't even consider one of those other two for coyotes. New 3-9 x 40 scope and original broad shoulder sling. There are highly frangible bullets as well as missiles of substantial construction. The Hornet seems less victim of this problem than some cartridges. The hornet would be perfect, but the lr with either stingers or velocitors would work too. Best 100-yard group: .345″ for four shots (reason for four instead of five shots due to capacity of Savage magazine).

Wyoming Game & Fish Department, State Agency: Jack the rabbit at 300 yards is in the bag with a 35-grain bullet starting at over 3,000 fps and this rifle’s 1/2″-MOA accuracy.

Even when the lead is not “scrounged,” the Hornet is gentle on the wallet with handloads.

Mmmmm... Mmmmmm... a 35gr V-Max and some AA1680 started off with a Mag pistol primer! 8. It’s been chambered for over 80 years by numerous arms factories, and is available in pistol, revolver, sporting rifle, and even “survival” and multibarrel guns. the .22 WMR and the .223 Remington. 9. Fully chamfer case mouth; But having solid information on a K-Hornet owned by my friend Colonel Russell Harriger, the facts are in. But practical overcame desire, and I got a Sako .222 instead. (800) 225-9626 Alabama Department of Conservation & Natural Resources. But Colonel Harriger did not have Lil’ Gun. Norma offers ammo with 2.9-gram bullet (44.7 grains), RWS touts a 3-gram bullet (46 grains) and Winchester’s standard Hornet factory load did very well in both rifles with its 45-grain bullet in Super-X softpoint. Westfield, MA 01085 A Bushnell Banner straight 4X with Circle-X reticule will match the lines of this handsome rifle, perfect for mountain birds and small game. It’s slender as a serpent, light as a sparrow, and so keenly balanced I tote it without a sling, and I like slings. well under MOA groups, with some verging on “1-holers” at both 50 and 100 yards. Group hovered at .820″. I don't plan on letting this one go down the trail, rather it's to stay with me. Note the .164″ spread! The Ideal rifle achieved 25¢-piece groups at 50 yards using Sierra’s 52-grain match bullet… and with Yr. Obt. 2,421 fps May change the scope later on? All the while the little Hornet buzzes merrily along. Sounds like you're making good choices. North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, State Agency: Bullets over 55 grains are not recommended because of the Hornet’s small powder capacity. Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, State Agency: Plenty. So the Hornet was well represented in 1932.
The loads also verify the versatility of the .22 Hornet for small game, varmints, turkeys, javelina, and close-range deer in the hands of an expert hunter/marksman. There was also the M6 Scout Aircrew Survival Weapon issued by the USAF as an over/under .22 Hornet/410 shotgun combo. It is the absolute premier fox gun for both reds and grays. 5. 10.0-grain Lil’ Gun than the centerfires. I found Pb at 55 pounds for $85. Remington’s 55-grain Pointed Soft Point has a cannelure, as does the company’s 55-grain FMJ. Recently acquired a mid 1980's Fox BRNO in .22 Hornet, then installed an older Leupold 6x Compact AO, in Warne mounts.

Factory ammo support for the .22 Hornet is strong. Prime with standard small rifle primer ( I use my faithful RCBS hand priming tool. )