Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. The Argentinian A-body Polara/GTX wheelbase was around 114-115″ as well as the luxury version of the Australian Valiant, the Chrysler by Chrysler. 1974 Plymouth Fury Sport Suburban Wagon Additional Info: 1974 Plymouth Fury Sport Suburban, 9 passenger, 400 CID Once seen in many driveways but now pretty rare. Wagons had the 400 V8 with a two-barrel carb or optional four-barrel. But then I always liked the full cover lakes disks as hubcaps. I had a navy blue one in 1983. so… trick question … where is the “gas cap” ? Great find. It was mostly the The real problem, in my opinion, is that placing the large, vertical turn signal/parking light directly beside each round headlight, and within the same nacelle, results in an awkward look. Considering how many were in Highway Patrol service it is a bit strange that they’re hard to find. The 1975 Gran Fury was available in base, Custom, Brougham and Sport Suburban trims, and the new base engine in 49 states was the 318 V8 with 145 hp and 245 lb-ft. Brougham models featured single headlight units, rather than duals. build quality of Chrysler products back Fuel filler behind the rear License plate! Try Google Maps. How important was the Plymouth Fury to Chrysler Corporation in 1974? Styling was cleaner and more elegant than the ’73 Fury, if somewhat conservative and reminiscent of the ’71 full-size Buicks, and the government-mandated 5mph bumpers were neatly integrated. `73’s are hard to find. The Chrysler brand sold about 225,000 cars in 1973. As a parting shot, he was able to browbeat GM management as such: “screw the trend toward function and efficiency, what the luxury market really needs is a bustle back pseudo Rolls-Royce!”. Cohort Outtake: 1984 or 1985 Ford Tempo – Tempo Non Fugit, CC Global: 2013 Volvo FE – The Vitamins Express Service. Found it! I’d add fuel injection, air ride, and tasteful wheels. opt. The Fury (Gran Fury for 1975) was launched into a perfect storm, and drowned in the tumultuous tides. Otherwise, there’d be a brand-new Chrysler product sitting in the street, unable to be started. Just give me the cloth interior and the 360 four barrel. 58,000 miles Starts, runs, drives (Floats) like it's still 1975. It was awesome. None AC car I don’t think I would want it!! Because this was a time-consuming process, the techs wanted to know if they should prepare a similar card deck for a Dodge version of the Roadrunner. 727 Automatic transmission, A/C, Power steering, Power disc brakes, Chrysler AM/FM/CD 4 channel stereo system, Two Way tailgate with power window, Heavy Duty Suspension. All I remember of that car were door pulls that were constantly broken. Ironically, for all of the belly-aching by Dodge dealers, the division did have the volume to allow its dealers to survive without Plymouth sales. The gas cap is hidden behind a panel between the taillights. The move ended up seriously hurting Plymouth – the Dart outsold the standard Plymouth – and the traditional medium-price Dodge. Plymouth would axe the entire range for 1978. I’m on the hunt for a ‘73 Fury. The Fury III was almost the top-of-the-line for Plymouth with only the Gran Fury above it. Dodge dealers were also quite bent out of shape about not getting an A-body version of the Barracuda (even though they got the Dodge-exclusive Charger two years later). 18 feet long?! You really had to drive these to appreciate them. Lawnside Classics Update: My 1960’s Sears Mower Is Still Ripping Through Tall Grass – Why Can’t I Buy A New Side Discharge Mower. Displaying all 1974 Plymouth Fury Unfortunately these came out just as the Oil Embargo was in full bloom. You can tell by the widely spaced rear bumper guards. At that time of course, if you wanted a GM car, there were plenty of real ones to choose from. While GM was downsizing their entire line and Ford was slowly following, Plymouth first dumped their full-size model and then dumped their intermediate Fury the following year. But the assembly quality? He named it “fast car,” because of the Tracy Chapman song – and the fact it would flat-out fly down the road. I’m calling my broker about Unilever pronto. A slightly smaller 118 wb model with a standard slant six would have been a unique and ahead of the game offering for Chrysler, also a final vindication of the then too small 62s. My dad had a 74 Suburban wagon that somehow snuck out of the factory with ( to quote one Mr. Elwood Blues) a cop motor, cop tires, cop suspension and cop brakes. By 1978 people were again moving back to large cars. I am a sucker for covered headlights and wish they would come back. I’m not as savvy as others here, but I guess I can agree that the full-sized Plymouth could have been “killed-off” in 1974 if this was the best they could do. Agree, the one-eyed base 1979-81 LTD looked dirt cheap and tacky to me. The 1974 Fury grew an inch and a half and they had a bevy (as no Fury owner said, ever) of new safety features, such as side-impact beams in the doors, an interlock on the starter that required the driver to buckle the seatbelt, and a collapsible steering column.