Yes it's one of the most famous cars on the planet. Door panels all in nice shape. For sale 1973 Ford Gran Torino. Owned by the seller for 3 years, this 1962 Corvette is now offered with a clear Alabama title in the seller's name. These Torinos were pigs to drive – wallowy suspensions, rattles as the cars aged, and miserable fuel economy. Brakes worked excellent when car rolled off showroom floor. YEA RIGHT. 17 bids. Full dual exhaust with “H” style balancing pipe. Holley carb. $30,600.00. Vehicle Mileage. But is that actually a pillar? You have reached the maximum number of saved vehicles (1000) The ad starts by saying “I’ve got 5 guys interested in this boat.” They must all be broke or not so very interested. Ah yes… the hot new descriptor: Patina!!!! He’d only owned it for about 9 months and I bought it last June. Fullsize images Brand new NOS front bumper not a rechrome. Oddly, my father’s 66 and 69 LTDs felt like they were longer and NARROWER than that Torino. 1975? If I REALLY wanted a 73 Ford-built intermediate, I’d go for a Mercury Montego. I will say that one thing I always liked on Fords of this era was how they mounted the window cranks way up high on the door so that you didn’t have to lean way forward to roll your window up or down like with most everything else. Good times. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. As for the suspension, my car was original a HD suspension and handling was good for it’s era. I always understood it to mean an original,intact,unmolested example that had been in some type of covered storage. Displaying 16 - 30 of 30 total results for classic Ford Torino Vehicles for Sale. Who puts a performance cam in a 2 barrel car? Thunderbird wasn’t a platform mate yet–’73 was still in the “big bird” generation. Oh boy, a Gran Torino with a vinyl roof, for when you really wanted a Monte Carlo but were very loyal to what Hank The Deuce was spitting out of his company. I can imagine it now… Hey folks, come on down to Frank’s Auto where we have hot dogs and balloons for the kids and deep discounts for you! Every 20 minutes. Probably should have tried it on someone else. In that respect, this car is a time capsule, so I wouldn’t be inclined to “improve” it. Get the heavy duty or competition and these cars were decent handlers for their day. 38 watching. Set an alert to be notified of new listings. Given the condition of the car – it was immaculate – that scenario was believable. Sweet classic Ford Gran Torino Fastback sport. Alert for new Listings. – $6400. Dealer. The work being done goes past what you would call a “Resurrection, but even when everything is done I don’t think it will be original enough or perfect enough to qualify as a “Restoration. Extremely rare.”. Does have 1 small tear on the drivers seat as shown in the picture. I’m surprised colour keyed rub strips weren’t more of a thing in the Seventies. Find new and used 1973 Ford Torino Classics for sale by classic car dealers and private sellers near you. Not just any Gran Torino, one better than his first. Vinyl roof, period-correct color (and what a color it is), magnum 500’s. The wife simply parked the car in the garage, and never used it, but did maintain it. Nice to see in a world of silver white red and black drones out there. While it’s nice to see any car of that vintage in such great, original condition, at the end of the day it’s still a Torino. For the first couple of years, the quarter windows lowered but, by the end of the run in 1974, they were fixed (even though they looked identical to the earlier lowering windows). She never let anyone touch or drive that car too, so it really SAT and SAT for years. Less than 50,000 miles. I just don’t have time to do it.”. So, I would think that anything with fixed rear quarter windows, even if they had lowered in previous iterations, would be a coupe and not a hardtop. Featured in a 2014 episode of the TV show, this roadster is now offeredfor saletitled in Arizona as a 1932 Ford in the sellers name. has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States, successfully making the Inc. 5000 list in both 2015,