It had the same Gold Comet 6 cylinder gas engine used in the Reo military Duce and one halfs. I often drive past and wonder how great it whould be to own , and I think back to a time my uncle took us for picnics on the back of his Oshkosh truck.Sometimes on his Henchel? yarnall,

Probably a question of having to wait for the right buyer though.

Tilt began building vehicles..

Here’s an example of swapped underpinnings:, That interior is a major letdown and kills the vibe. In 1915, Olds relinquished the title of general manager to his protégé Richard H. Scott, and eight years later he ended his tenure as the company's presidency as well, retaining the position of chairman of the board. Located in Deepwater 2371 NSW.

On the other hand I couldn’t blame someone for wanting to install a more modern driveline and convert it into a ramp truck. …………………………….............................................. Our REO warehouse is located in Deepwater near GLEN INNES in country NSW. A convertible Victoria was listed at $3,195 but only one is known to have been built. Parts, for such a rare truck are likely difficult if not impossible to acquire. ******************************************* Diamond-REO soldiered on until 1975, mostly large trucks.

REO Speed Wagon Radiator Emblem Medallion … ......................

1948 REO Truck.

1948 reo speedwagon 4 dr crew cab dually truck with suicide rear doors, truly one of a kind.

trying to sell a nice old 1948 REO Speed Wagon truck was bought new in 1948, and garage kept since day one, was a friends fathers truck, when his father died in 1967, the truck was never used again and sat in the garage until July of this year when the garage was lost in an estate closing . I really wasn't in the market but it was so complete I couldn't pass it up.

Delete your internet browser history/clear cache, Close & Restart your Browser then, * Please CLICK ON THE APPROPRIATE WEB PAGE, TAB/BUTTON on the top/left TO OPEN THAT PAGE *, Vintage VEHICLES & Parts 70 year collection, (All Southern Hemi REO- Vehicles PRICES CURRENTLY REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE for a limited time!! Once I sent it with a small load of hay to California, it blew a head in Cedar City. It needs a fuel pump and the battery cables replaced. I know, it’s the owners call, but still, it’s like a punch in the gut to me, to see this.

Original superior Gold Comet 6 cyl big petrol Engine with quick change sleeves etc! Other parts also available but still haven’t been listed at this stage as much is still stored away awaiting stocktaking, so feel free to just ask... -REO Speed Wagon etc:

As many as 3 Dietrich coachbuilt bodies were built on 148-inch (3,800 mm) wheelbases in 1931. It’s a big-ass ugly truck in decent shape and I’d say based on that kinda use, 10g is the money. Not every truck has a famous rock band named after it! It looks like a nice truck even though it is not a Mack. All of my classic car photos can be found here: Car Collections Press "L" for a larger image on black. Coloured Red with cream roof. Ex-Towing Wagon from O'Neil's Bodyworks Newcastle NSW. Free shipping. Truck rolls easy, nd has good tires. It had a 115-inch (2,900 mm) wheelbase. Call us OR: I’m sure I’m not the only old truck enthusiast who feels this way. REO WHEEL Rims.

Mr. Olds was actually the first car manufacturer to use the assembly line, ahead of Ford.

REO was an assembled truck, like most others of the time. 1948 REO Truck This was spotted behind the Ypsilanti Auto Heritage Collection museum in Ypsilanti, Michigan on June 6, 2009. INSPECTIONS, PICK-UPS ETC BY APOINTMENT ONLY! VALIANT PARTS and VALIANT VIDEOS! $18,000.

So please be assured that we always pack items very carefully, and we personally inspect all items carefully BEFORE dispatch to ensure a quality service. Some of our Buses have featured in various Aussie movies over the years, and this is yet another way to make money with these rare Classics these days!

Plans have changed, o I have to let it go.I bought truck from the original owners grandson. But shouln't this be posted under the forum heading "Other Truck Makes?". I kinda like what’s been done…would be fun for a backwoods hunting truck, ain’t no trailer-queen or show truck and ain’t that stylish. Hi TW, I understand and it’s truly a conundrum. Vintage REO /"Oldsmobile" BUSES AND TRUCKS for sale in Country NSW Australia!

or a Custom Chopper/Cruiser motorbike (Absolute Minimum Size 750cc) but it would need to be in excellent and reliable condition as I don't have time for any more projects*, ***********************************************. Love it and at present the bid price is downright realistic. Notice all have dual wheels and “Speedwagon” on the hood sides. INTERIOR HEIGHT from floor to roof or 6.ft   Pasted as rich text. Southern Hemi Media® is a registered Trademark      Hot Cars® is a registered Trademark of Southern Hemi®. are the initials of 'Ransom Eli Olds' of Oldsmobile fame in the USA! So to speed things up: Please include your exact vehicle Model, Year, Engine size, Transmission type etc in the Email Subject Heading so we can uniquely identify yours and what you need efficiently. It got about 2 miles to the gallon. Anybody serious enough to own and use this truck is not going to be the kind of person who would be swapping badges to confuse the Experts. ....................................................................................................... about us.

Seats are removed but are included, stacked up in the rear.

1948 MACK BUS, Good condition for age $8,000.

A seller on Hemmings a few years ago claims, less than 200 REO pickups were made in 1948, of which, less than 20 are around today.

Blue coloured with Silver roof I went down, spent 2 days changing it out and it was back on the road. parts.

In these cases I shift to the 1%, and am happy to see the spirit remain, even if the soul is gone. It’s got a tilting flatbed, so all you need to do is add a winch.

The truck will thank him for it….

CASH in hand! View BY APPOINTMENT ONLY please.... NO cold calls! That is what I was going to use it for. CASH in hand!

REO Brake DRUMS etc.

I wonder if it is stuck...issues crop up if the garage is unheated...steel sweats and rust forms...I like it. [3] By comparison, the Cole Series 30[4] and Colt Runabout were priced at US$1,500;[5] Kirk's Yale side-entrance US$1,000;[6] the high-volume Oldsmobile Runabout went for US$650;[7] Western's Gale Model A was US$500;[8] a Brush Runabout US$485;[4] the Black started at $375;[9] and the Success hit the amazingly low US$250.[7]. or $6,000. A long tray is also available seperately if desired.

The Royale rode upon factory wheelbases of 131 inches (3,300 mm) (Model 8-31) and 135 inches (3,400 mm) (Model 8-35); a 1932 custom version rode upon a 152-inch (3,900 mm) wheelbase (Model 8-52).


At one point the company also manufactured buses on its truck platforms. As we are also expertly trained & experienced in Packing, vehicle restoration, professional car detailing, complete vehicle dismantling, rebuilding, body/paint work, Sheetmetal work, TV/media camera & sound work video editing etc. To ensure a reliable supply of parts, he organized a number of subsidiary firms like the National Coil Company, the Michigan Screw Company, and the Atlas Drop Forge Company. I am in your camp 99% of the time. REO PARTS ...................................................................................... Had some resto work done to it a few years back including new fuel lines and another fuel tank etc etc. , similar to the picture, but with a rearwards slanting windscreean. While most were of lighter GVWR and had single wheels, many were manufactered with duals. This is the upper GVWR end of the Speedwagon line post WWII. All vehicles are being listed for way less than what they owe us! 2.18 Mtrs total height from ground to roof. Perhaps, even though the body looks good, the frame was unsalvageable. REO also made buses and depot trucks under the Speedwagon name… At various times through the history of automobiles anything under a 2 1/2 (5,000 lbs capacity) truck was considered light duty. Great “find”, thanks for sharing. Full length coach body.

Although truck orders during World War II enabled it to revive somewhat, the company remained unstable in the postwar era, resulting in a bankruptcy reorganization.

Ransom E. Olds was an entrepreneur who founded multiple companies in the automobile industry.

CALL US on the phone TO BOOK A VEHICLE INSPECTION NOW! Any exchange or credit MUST be requested within 14 days of the Invoice/order date and the buyer is responsible for return postage as is standard practice elsewhere. **, OR: Send us a letter with your parts order & full detail as above to: If he began with just the body and mounted it on newer frame you really can’t fault him for that. In 1967, Diamond T and Reo Trucks were combined to form the Diamond Reo Trucks Division of the White Motor Corporation.Reo dated back to 1904 when Ransom E. Olds, founder of Oldsmobile, began building motor cars, and Diamond T dated back to 1905 when C.A. PO Box 35 Our family have been AUSTRALIA'S LEADING REO EXPERTS! One of my first semis was an old Reo. Needs side window glass or plexiglass but it is just simple flat glass anyway. 6-cyl, -sp. CASH in hand!

our garage. our garage. ENGINES, GEARBOXES/TRANSMISSIONS, FRONT AND REAR AXLES, WHEELS, CHASSIS, BRAKE DRUMS ETC! This is not a speedwagon. Quite good condition for age. Includes original doors, Dash Cluster, Headlight surrounds, and windscreen and rear glass are all still fitted.

******************************************* Page was last Updated: I personally rode in this awesome sounding beast as a kid in the mid 1970s as it powered up Razorback mountain overtaking modern trucks! (Was a running/driving bus when parked) It is simply a Reo truck.

Not many Interior pics unfortunately, as the buses were all used for storage too. (BEST TO ARRANGE AN INSPECTION FOR REO PARTS), CONTACT: * All prices are to be confirmed upon ordering as they can vary according to Current availability, Currency rates and outdated listings etc.

If you provide details like your budget, intended use for vehicle, preferred style/era etc we can quickly narrow it down for you to the best options/appropriate vehicles within your framework rather than wasting each others time. both listings have less the a day to go and seem like good deals at the current bids.

1949 Other Makes REO SPEEDWAGON TRUCK REO SPEEDWAGON TRUCK 1949 REO SPEEDWAGON TRUCK very low miles, rust free, very solid body, truck has not ran for 3 years, when I had it running I had it running off a separate gas tank, original gas tank needs to be cleaned, 4 tires fairly new, you won't find amore solid REO truck like this one.